10 minute impressions with an Ipad

Just to clarify – this isn’t some impressions of the Ipad that will take 10 minutes to read… this is in fact my impressions of the machine after I had a play around on one for about 10 minutes in the Apple shop, so for any of you on the fence and want some unbias honest impressions of the machine well…here you go!

As I walked into Apple in Southampton West Quay, something was quickly apparent – the Ipad is a helluva lot smaller then I expected it to be. I knew it was about the size of an A4 bit of paper but in reality it just seemed a little smaller then expected at a glance, however once I got my hands on the machine that fear quickly washed away.

Make no mistakes, the Ipad is a beautiful machine. It is both sleek and sexy and my first reaction upon picking up the machine was a giant involuntary smile. It just looked, felt and behaved exactly like I hoped. Picking it up for the first time it was about a light as I was expecting, I was surprised at the kind curved back it has which made me think it may be a bit difficult to hold over an extended period of time, but alas that time wasn’t available to me.

So i placed it back down and booted up the internet. Everything works like a blown up version of safari on the Iphone, very quick, very intuitive – and literally having the web at your fingertips is a very satisfying experience. The onscreen keypad isn’t nearly as bad as everyone has been saying – sure you cant use it to type a bloody essay, but for things like keying in URL’s, writing on Facebook/forums and blogs – it is perfect. It was a tad more difficult to type when holding the machine, but again I was standing up, if sat down on my lap i am sure it would be just as easy as laying it pivoted on a table.

I had a quick play around with the Ibook app, reading books on there again, is as easy and nice as you would expect. To be honest it works so well and the screen is so well lit, that I would happily read something like The Shining or Dark Tower books, things of that length, on it. Sadly the Marvel app was not on the ones in store, I COULD have downloaded it – but that would have involved signing in with my account and …well I don’t trust those instore models to sign me out properly etc… i hinted at the shop clerk that i wanted to see it when he eventually came around…but he was totally unhelpful. TBH I may have just gone nuts and bought one then if the Marvel app was everything it has been hyped up to be.

While away in Spain during the last week of May i discovered that I could read like 8 graphic novels in a few short days… i then had nothing to read for the remainder of the holiday (and the plane trip home) with the Ipad, i could have had a limitless supply of things to read… then again I am a collector at heart, could I handle not owning a physical copy …hmmm not so sure!

I also had a quick go at a racing game on the machine, it worked very intuitively. Tilting the machine left to right turned your car, and the game auto accelerated with you tapping the screen to apply breaks. It not only worked very and surprisingly well, but also gave me a look as to how Project Natal might work when it hits Xbox 360 later this year… play it and think about it…it makes sense!

When playing this racing game however I did discover that the machine is in fact A LOT heavier then it looks and first seems. You quickly discover that it is in fact something that begins to tire the hands and arms, i am not sure whether resting it on something would help…this could be the machines only fault in my book during my short play around… extended uses could become a nuisance… then again could take some getting used to.

Overall, I want one. Right now. I browsed the internet a bit more, the Guardian and magazine apps they had on there worked really nicely, it really does look and feel like the future of the internet. Even though I could have stayed in there for ages and clerks seemed happy to let me, it was only like 10am on a rainy tuesday, I think if I had stayed in there any longer I would have bought one…

32GB Ipad, you shall be mine! All I can say is go into an Apple shop and play around. You won’t be disapointed, sure it isn’t a neccessity but then what is? Sure I had a phone, but why did I need a Iphone? I didn’t need it, but some of the features seemed cool.

I will use the Ipad for browsing internet (which works like a dream), watching Youtube videos (which is bloody awesome on the Ipad!) and reading comics …which I imagine is awesome… so fuck the haters… I want one.

Josh/Origami Kid -out.

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