Walking Dead TV adaption – First image released (Updated w/ more images). (Cast Update)

So at any point in the last 12 months were you worried that AMC’s TV adaption of the incredible character driven, post apocalyptic, zombie epic The Walking Dead – Written by Robert Kirkman – was going to loose any of the gore/vision and feel that the original comic carries just because it is a cable TV adaption and it could potential scare or put off the masses? No neither was I, mainly because creators are usually very protective of their own IP’s… which makes me wonder why they even bothered releasing this as the first image to hype up the up-and-coming TV show:

Wow a zombie with some gore. Who gives a flying shit? Anyone familiar with the comic drama knows one thing: It is a bloody drama…a very fucking good one, but a drama at heart none the less. Zombies take a back seat, in fact the comic is a drive for Kirkman to show how the horrors of mankind can outweigh the horror and terror of a zombie threat. It is an incredible look into the human psyche and one of the best comic book examples of character development and interaction in recent years. I really want to see what Rick and other big players look like, because quite frankly I couldn’t give a flying fuck what the zombies look like- In fact I would prefer it if they were in black and white with the characters in colour because that would not only be very stylistic, unique and cool – but would shift emphasis onto the characters themselves.

When we reach the arc regarding Woodbury and the Governor I do not want to see any emphasis taken away from the fucked up shit that goes on at that prison and the town of Woodbury, one of the most horrific (but bloody sweet) things I have ever read!

-Josh/ Origami Kid

Oh here is the casting as it stands:

Rick Grimes: Andrew Lincon (He was in Teachers… )
Lori Grimes: Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break… she is super hot, maybe a bit too hot to play Lori but that is no bad thing)
Carl Grimes: Chandler Riggs
Shane Walsh: Jon Bernthal (He has been in jack shit…bit part in The Pacific)
Glenn: Steven Yeun (Pretty good casting in my book!)
Andrea: Laurie Holden (Again a good casting, has some experience in horror with a bigish budget)
Dale: Jeffrey DeMunn

The first episode is set to hit in October 2010 – Hopefully we will get a look at the first trailer at one of the conventions over the summer as I am sure Kirkman will be hyping up his approach to the 80-100 issue mark of The Walking Dead. At the latest I would expect it to hit at the San Diego comic con… can’t wait!



AMC have released 8 more pictures of various Zombies. Makeup in all fairness looks really good, especially on photo 2 and photo 6…then again some look lame. Also hearing we can expect a Halloween release debut for the pilot in the USA.


Here is a picture from the actual set. This was taken while they were filming a scene, so this is 100% from the pilot episode, is this the girl zombie who Rick encounters after he leaves the hospital? thats what I am thinking! Looks cool though:


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