Weekly Comic Guide – for books shipping 3/6/2010

Hey, welcome to the first installment of my weekly comic book guide! Cheers for reading, here you will find my big pick for the week with a little discussion surrounding it and as well as that, my big picks for the week. My pull list usually is Marvel/Vertigo/Image comics so I will focus on these however obviously DC will get a look in if anything exciting is coming and I do tend to buy some smallpress stuff so keep your eyes on this space every week!

Avengers: Prime #1
Writer: Brian Bendis
Art: Alan Davis
Bi Monthly – $3.99 – released 3rd June 2010

It seemed at the time, that Marvel had been listening to fanboy chatter and eventually decided to throw in the towel with a casual,

“Fuck you all and your bitching, we are butting the bloody team back together!”

Ok they didn’t say that exactly but I am sure Joe Q and Mr. Bendis were thinking exactly just that. Ever since Bendis AVENGERS: DISSASEMBELED the Avengers back in 2004 people have wanted the big three big Marvel hero’s, Thor – Captain America – Iron Man, together fighting side by side… not at each others throats.

You see Disassembled not only tore the Avengers team to shreds (allowing them to create two spin off Avengers teams to fill the void… yea that’s right Marvel I have my eye on you) but it also allowed them to explore some interesting avenues over the years…like giant all-universe-encompassing crossovers that continually rebuilt and destroyed the Marvel U. It also at different stages had various big players at each others throats, Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Iron Man (Tony Stark) were hitting each other with their purses during Civil War and then Thor got his panties in a twist when Mr.Fantastic created and made a robot clone of him to wreck havoc on Steve and his anti-registration band of heroes.

Anyway, Siege brought everyone back together into a big giant love in and Marvel were all like,

“Dudes, stop bitching – Here look. The Avengers you want are BACK TOGETHER for the first time in like 6 years…and look, no wait …Hey! Are you looking? Hawkeye is back in his original costume…and…err Steve Rogers is now running the country Nick Fury style!”

Yes! No wait what… if Steve Rogers is running the country then he wont have time to be a proper Avenger right? Well that is exactly right. We have a AVENGERS #1 which came out two weeks ago, comprising of a core team of Thor, Iron Man and A Captain America…I guess technically they did say they were reuniting the core team, they just didn’t say who would be behind the costume. So we have a rebooted Iron Man, a VERY pissed off Thor and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier/New Captain America taking the Avengers role of Cap (he is a badass so I am willing to let it slide and Brubaker wrote Bucky into the role like a fucking king!).

Marvel of course saw this as an attempt to make some more money and turned around and went,

“Ohhhh you wanted Steve, Thor and Tony Stark together fighting side by side? Ok here you this is Avengers: Prime”

So here we are one extra Avengers style book later, Avengers Prime is the big release this week. It is written by, you guessed it, Brian M. Bendis…surprise surprise and follows the story of the big 3 teaming up to take down something so big that it is tearing down the very seams of reality. TBH the story idea seems to be solid enough, the dynamic of the characters will keep it interesting enough, they have a troubled past, and the art is nothing short of stunning. I love Alan Davis, if Bendis overwrites this like he does most things I am confident Alan Davis will make it worthwhile to return to this bi-monthly adventure.

The big 3 heroes of the Marvel U are back together just as we wanted, sure it has meant another book….but I really look forward to seeing emotions flare and for them to be pushed to the very limit of their abilities to save the world from an unknown but all powerful threat… also I hope Steve Rogers punches Tony Stark at least once, and Thor threatens to send Tony Stark to the 9th Realm at some point…Iron Man seriously fucked with these guys over the last 4 years…and now he doesn’t remember any of it! (Read Iron Man #25 you bastards I aint spoiling it!)


Also out this week on my radar:

Sweet Tooth #10
As the second arc comes to a close with this issue it really is quite clear that Sweet Tooth is not only writer and artist Jeff Lemires greatest work to date, but also one of the most consistently brilliant comics Vertigo is publishing. Sweet Tooth has dedicated the majority of this arc to filling out our mysterious protagonist Lepord, which ever still drenching him in more mystery and sorrow. It has also pushed Gus back further into the depths of a hell, his innocence slowly shredding away – this is sure to be a wonderful and exciting end to the arc, then again I wouldn’t expect anything less from Sweet Tooth – the comic everyone should be reading! The trade paper back of the first arc is on shelves now, go get it!

Franken-Castle #17

Here we go people. The new age of THE PUNISHER is here, the title has officially been rebranded to Franken-Castle as Rick Remender continues on with one of the biggest leaps of faith on a character the industry has seen in years. The League of Monsters stuff is not so prominent now, no – now we get Frank Castle, with a power upgrade, ripping some shit up! He has a list and if you are on it… beware. That’s the general gist of the story and it sounds awesome! This is all gearing up to the Dark Wolverine/Daken crossover coming very soon in which Frank is going to Japan to get some revenge…with Wolverine? Hells yes! If you want something fresh and exciting in the Marvel U then here you go – has bull bursting art as well!

Thanos Imperative #1

Never knew how to jump onto the whole cosmic side of Marvel. I always wanted to, I love sci-fi and I love sci-fi when you give it to masters of imagination. The cosmic world of Marvel is an untapped resource, I want to see more of Silver Surfer getting involved with things like an intergalactic police force led by this Nova dude.. I want it! And guess what, so do YOU! This title looks promising as a jumping on point and without a doubt looks to be one of the highlights of 2010, explosive, crazy and fucking awesome stuff is what the previews have shown. Remember the cosmic characters have really high power sets, Thanos – who has been tasked with saving everyone…despite trying to kill everything numerous times in the past, is stupidly powerful – so any threat going against him is sure to create one hell of an epic story line! Don’t miss this.

Brightest Day #3
So far I have been a little disappointed with Brightest Day… I was expecting a bit more punch for my bi-weekly buck (well $2.99) but still this week is dealing with Aqua Man some more so I will properly pick it up. Since the Brave and the Bold issue Aqua Man featured in a few months ago I can’t get enough of him and with him currently within a universe still recovering from the monster that was Blackest Nights- this is still a good jumping on point for people who want to enjoy Green Lantern stuff but can’t handle the madness of the on-going Green Lantern titles with Johns…OR if you enjoyed Blackest Night SO MUCH that you just can’t get enough of those Black Lanterns… take it of leave it – I am still on the fence.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird #1

I love Hawkeye. Don’t have a clue why, but I think I secretly love the fact that he goes round decimating all these high-powered super villains and stuff like that with a bow and arrow… Ronnin was quite cool … but this is Hawkeye back in his awesome purple costume, I just hope he washed it after Bullseye was macerating around in it during Dark Reign. This is going to be following him and Mockingbird’s adventures being spies and black-ops, not sure how its going to work seeing as he is wearing a bright purple one piece and she is wearing a very revealing leather outfit, not overly discrete but they do have awesome motorbikes and this whole comic promises two things: Laughter and a shit load of action. And I plan on being there every step of the way on this sure to be epic adventure!

Thanks for reading! Will attempt to get reviews up on Friday/Sat and will see if with some fine-tuning, this can be a weekly thing 🙂

Send any feedback to me at unknown_rebel [at] hotmail.co.uk or leave me a comment!


Josh/origami kid


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