First real look at Captain America and Thor costumes.

So these have been brought to my attention, so I though I should bring them to yours! As I am sure you all know by now, Thor and Captain America movies are on the horizon. Thor is scheduled for May 6th and is being played by Chris Hemsworth – A photo was released some time ago showing off the man himself wearing the costumer from the torso up, it was enough to make even the manliest of men moist. Captain America is to be played by Chris Evans (Human Torch -Fantastic Four) and well…we haven’t seen anything of his costume, only talk of what it could look like, until today.

The concept images/draw ups have been leaked out, showing off what we can expect the Captain America costume to look like with Evans wearing it. Sure it is just concept art, but this is as good as we are going to get until San Diego comic con (where hopefully some form of trailer will get released)

So lets start with the less interesting of the two bits of art: Captain America,

Ok So click to enlarge the images of course, but the first thing to note is these have been leaked from official sources. The images also show off things we already had been told, the costume seems to be boasting a more Captain America: Ultimates vibe then anything else. As you can see the material is more of a leathery material (ala Xmen movie costumes) the cowl and wings have been removed and in its place a helmet – kinda like the helmet he wore during the WW2 flashbacks during the Ultimate series. Overall it looks very awesome, the shield is there in full force and the costume is as told, loosing the white and red stripes and instead sporting a white bottom to the blue and having belt buckles as the make up of the red stripes (its the American flag you see).  the only changes I would like to see is maybe the wings back on the cowl, but then again I guess some sacrafices have to be made and I am confident that this will look king when we see it in action.

All Righty then: lets move onto Thor:

So – this is kinda in line with official image on Hensworth we have already seen (below) The fact he is not wearing the helmet in these concept photos is a bit of a worry but the fact that the rest of the costume looks spot on is awesome! The cape looks so over the top, these images have gotten me so excited.

After getting the glimpse of Mjolner from Iron Man 2 I must say that I hope it doesn’t glow like that in the final finished film, but either way…was expecting it to be a bit bigger <cough> but as before, click to enlarge and be amazed.

This looks spot on and I now CAN NOT FUCKING WAIT! Roll on 2011, cause Marvel are pulling the cat outta the bag and throwing it onto the Rainbow Bridge, this is going to rule!

I never expected them to get Thor’s costume right, but they have obviously worked out that if people are going to believe a Norse God can co-exist with everything else…well…well they may as well go all out on it!

What do you think people? Leave some comments and feedback on the costume!

Josh West/origamikid


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