The night of Voodoo Vegas and The Bon Jovi tribute band -review

Tonight I saw a Bon Jovi tribute band, the reason? Well tickets to see the REAL Bon Jovi are ludicrously expensive and I now get the feeling that Bon Jovi are going to turn into one of those bands that I never get to see live – I am not the biggest fan but I abso-fucking-lutely love some of the tracks…so the plan was to see The Bon Jovi Experience at Mr Kyps in Poole and my curiosity would be satsfied…if anything my hunger is now bigger then ever.

Mr Kyps has come quite along way since I last went there, that was many years ago, but since the refit last year it has turned into a rather respectable looking venue. Decent sound, acoustics still aint what they should be, but that is a common problem with venues that size.

First up on the night was the band that actually pushed us to leaving the house on a saturday night, yes we are all SO super cool… I planned on reading comics and playing Red Dead Redemption all night but hmph …fine…- was Voodoo Vegas.

A local band who I have caught many a time, enjoyed them and the music but always thought it lacked some of the punch they need to take it to the next level… luckily I am happy to say that in the 10 months since I have seen them live touring Europe and the country has tightened them up and given that extra kick to the balls they need.

Make no second guesses, Voodoo Vegas are pure sleaze. Think Guns & Roses with an Aerosmith tinge and blues injection from the likes of Clutch. The guitar riffs creep and slide down your senses, with some expertly played rhythm and solos from the guitar duo. The drums and bass are a punch of adrenaline to the heart and the whole thing is rounded off with some great singing – again thinking of a British Aerosmith with some harmonica thrown in for good measure… and well you kinda get the idea of what I am talking about here.

They all have a great presence, in fact they look like a band ready to take a step up. They all know how to work and capture a crowd, I think they are ready to take the jump into London – this is a band ready for the next step, I just hope they are confident enough to take the leap, get an album out and play harder, faster and rougher then ever before.

Now Bon Jovi Experience? Old men pretending to be Bon Jovi…not even going to bother reviewing them, boring boring boring is essentially what I would say. Was embarrassing and now I really want to see the real Bon Jovi to get this shit out of my mind. We left before they played Bad Medicine and Livin’ on a Prayer… was doing my royal head in,

Such a pretentious bunch of blokes,

“I’ve been shot through the heart and it’s def too late, these old guys give Bon Jovi …A BAD NAME!”

So – please go check out Voodoo Vegas, keep your eyes on this space as I hope to get some more from them in the future 😉 … but you know, just keep your eyes here.

-Cheers, check em out and tell me what you think of them! They are British Rock ‘N’ Roll Justice!

Josh/Origami Kid


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