It’s been a while – So here is a general update!

Hey everyone, it has been a long while since the last general update and as I am such a nice guy I thought, “fuck it” let’s give the people what they want…unless the thing you want is my fanzine, then …well you have to wait a little longer.

Thats right, if all had gone to play and university hadn’t been a chode filled adventure for the last two months you would all have the zine in your hands and would be all like, “oh origami kid you sexy bastard, this magazine is THE SHIT!” and I would love that. However things have turned out as they have and instead of that it has been delayed.

For the magazine it looks like I am having a name change as well to better reflect the bands within, I am currently thinking “High Voltage Magazine” now i realise there is a magazine in the USA, or should I say a website, that goes by that name but fuck ’em. I am having the name, HIGH VOLTAGE ROCK AND ROLL! As AC/DC once said…that is exactly what I am doing! I am expanding the zine to encompass a bit more rock/classic metal stuff. The reason? Well I have been really impressed with what some of the rock and heavy metal bands have been doing, especially as the thrash scene seems to have taken a dip in productivity since the early months of 2010 -cmon lads sort it out!

Hellfest is next week and I am psyched! We are driving up this year, so despite that being a disaster in the making I am sure it is going to be the ultimate heavy metal roadtrip! I will have a full report of the festival going up during the week after, as well as a day by day breakdown of bands I will be enjoying drunk in France this week! The first announcement for the fanzine is when I get back, as well as the release date, the bands and who is doing art!

I must say I am kinda upset I didn’t get it out for July, July is thrashtacular with Gama Bomb, Damnas, Mutant, Dark Forest, Seragon and shit loads more all playing FREE gigs in London – going to be awesome!

So anyway, expect big things over the next two weeks! I will be unavailable from wednesday to tuesday and then I am doing work experience at TERRORIZER come July 5th, so it is going to be a tough job to get this done but I think I can do it…I hope I can!

As always cheers for reading,

Josh West/ Origami kid


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