Devil’s Third – First Trailer, Info and Impressions! E3 2010

Remember that fucking awesome hack and slash game, err what was it called? It twas super bloody, gory and so difficult you would have more luck of stepping outside of your door and finding 100 bi-sexual supermodels who all want to have one incredible and life changing orgy with you…

Errrr <cough> where was I? Oh right, the game! Ok well this company also did another game where girls with massive tits fought each other wearing little to no clothes. What was it called? Arrghhh all I can remember is the bouncing… the glorious HD bouncing… thank god for next generation consoles eh! What would we do without those futuristic physic engines!

Of course I remember those game! Ninja Gaiden and Dead or alive were the brain childs of one Tomonobu Itagaki, a legend in the field – he has set out to create a brand new game with his brand new studio Valhalla Games, made up of veteran Team Ninja developers this new game Devil’s Third, has set out to capture a brand new genre – the shooter genre. It looks like it is taking the gore and bloodiness of Ninja Gaiden …but sadly it seems to have left the big bouncy boobs behind – check out the trailer below:

So what did you think? Yea I didn’t think much of it either. Sure the trailer was quite cool and the music made everything far more entertaining but look past the stupid amount of core on show and take a small look at the very brief amount of gameplay footage.

“Then it might play like the bastard child of Stranglehold and Mirrors Edgewhich will almost certainly play as bad as that prospect sounds.

Stylistically the game is looking a hell-of-a-lot like WET, which let me assure you, is not a good thing. In terms of the gore it reminds me of the first Soldier of Fortune game…which again let me assure you – Is NOT a good thing. There is over-the-top-gore, like obviously what this game is going to be using. Just look at the bit with the mini gun, it just looks fucking stupid, especially the cartoony blood. I would prefer Ninja Gaiden style of gore where it looks a little more viceral and in your face. The problem with the over the top gore in a game like this is that you never really get the chance to actually appreciate it, you move at such speed that it becomes pointless and an encumberment to the gaming experience – especially if they decide to have it splash over your screen.

Gameplay wise, not so sure- it kinda looks like it might play a bit like WET or Stranglehold but then again the bits with the running, well they remind me quite a bit of Shadowrun, which was rather fun – but not as fast as fast, nor was it based around melee fighting as Devil’s Third is set to be. Until we see some actual gameplay footage I will reserve judgment on the playing side, but right now I can’t see how it will work.

If the game plans on being that fast and allow you to pull off stunts like the jumping/free running as well the melee and gameplay mechanics they look to be utilizing then it might play like the bastard child of Stranglehold and Mirrors Edge…which will almost certainly play as bad as that prospects sounds.

It is nice to see the developer branching out a bit, admittedly this is a whole new ball park for the developer. The Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive games had set not only the bar for those respective genres but they still up-held their quality, even with the move to next gen…mostly (I’m looking at you Dead or Alive beach volleyball…<sigh>)  So for the man to take his ideas to a whole new realm where the market is as tightly packed as the bra’s on one of his female characters, well…you gotta give him some respect!

So good look to you, hopefully the gameplay footage will prove me wrong – I hope it does, because it is about time a good developer took hold and made an innovation in the 3rd person shooter genre, lets just hope THQ don’t get all up in your stuff and fuck shit up…yo!

-Josh/Origami Kid


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