E3: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Release Date/Trailer

Ubisoft have laid down a release date for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood today. The game which, from what we can tell, isn’t a direct sequel to Assassin’s Creed 2, is infact a continuation of the story.

Instead of simply putting the continuation of the story out as DLC however, Ubisoft have seen that it is in their best interests to put it out as a full release, throw in a group of assassin’s and also try their hand at some AC multiplayer…yea, I will hold judgment of that until I can get it in my hands – but if all it amounts to is you and 7 other people trying to assassinate each other while attempting to not get detected by guards/civilians etc…well then may as well just play Splinter Cell:Conviction or Double Agent (Mercenaries vs Spies), something you known is not only awesome for this type of gameplay…but actually, you know… Works.

November 16th my friends!

Still Here is the trailer:

I wont lie, it looks fucking cool but I must point out one glaring point. Assassins take to shadows and take out their targets with precision, finesse and with up-most accuracy and skill. A big complaint of mine regarding AC2 was how it seemed to be leaving a bit of the assassin stuff behind, and this seems to be taking it one step further. What kind of awful assassin would confront their target openly in the middle of a crowd during a parade? And further to that point having a team of assassins running in slow motion towards a group of Templar’s does not scream “Stealth/action adventure” like the other 2 did… it just screams “action adventure”. Assassin’s as a group is a rare sight, but them all just there charging into battle…next thing we know the stealth will be ditched completely and we will have a Prince of Persia clone, which don’t count at as rumour has it AC3 is going to Egypt as the teaser below and the comic suggests!

Oh and did it look like Desmond under the hood to you? Just a little note I thought I would make! Either that or Ezio has gained some weight.

Are you looking forward to AC:Brotherhood? Let me know below!


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