E3: Final Fantasy IX coming to PSN

Thats right folks Final Fantasy IX (that’s 9 for those of you not familiar with your Roman Numerals) is coming to the Playstation Netowork (PSN) soon… very very soon.

Tomorrow in fact! June 15th – I am sure Sony have a reason for getting this out by the time the press conference at E3 happens, we shall see!

That’s right for $9.99 – you can own one of the most awesome RPG’s of all time. Final Fantasy 7 and 8 are already up on the PSN (to my knowledge) so if you want not only a peice of gaming history, but some of the best RPG’s ever created then the Playstation really is the place to be.

I think I will give it a buy, my FFIX disks have gone missing I have recently discovered, the mis-steps of lending things to people eh? My 60GB PS3 has recently had a run through of FF8, still bloody incredible… besides if you can get past the tails and can get over the, at times, frustrating battle system -the forerunner for the paradigm system we known today – then you are opened up to a wonderful game that highlighted why the PS1 was the greatest gaming machine of the era!

If you are on the fence one word should make you want this game:

Vivi – he is so goddamn cool!

Whos buying it? Anything you would like to have seen instead?

Leave it down below!

Josh/Origami Kid

(Wishing I was a black mage right about now, I want that coat!)

2 Responses to “E3: Final Fantasy IX coming to PSN”
  1. Eskimo says:


    Good post I knew this was coming to PSN and Im glad it has, This is one of the reason for me wanting a PS3, old classic RPGs, because i too have lost CDs or have had them returned scratched from freinds, that only good frendships survive the drama.

    Any news relating to Final Fantasy Versus ?

  2. origamikid says:

    Nothing yet I am afraid – Keep your eyes on the Microsoft conference though, I have been hearing little whispers it is going to the Xbox 360, whether or not that gets announced today however I am not sure.

    I saw some images that got leaked out yesterday of the Final Fantasy area at E3, they had posters and POS (point-of-sale) up for Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XIV (the online one!) and that was about it! I think I saw some Kingdom Hearts stuff though…so who knows! 😉

    Cheers for reading! If anything Versus related hits I will hopefully be on top of that!

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