Rumour: Xbox 360 Redesign First Photo/Information

Take this all with a slightly suspicious stare in your eyes ladies and gents, because until the Microsoft Press conferance tonight at 6PM (UK time) we quite honestly don’t know whether this is a fake advert campaign by Microsoft to cause some pre-E3 ruffles, like they have done before, whether it is a full on hoax by one clever bastard or whether it is the actual thing. My mind is set on this being a Microsoft engineered hoax before they unveil to real Xbox 360 slim to the masses later today.

But forget all of that, let’s take a look at this new fabled machine, the image/advert was found on an Italian website that has seemingly put it up 24 hours too early… foolish Italians. So what do we know about this fabled Xbox slim? Well if these photos are real then we know a few things: First of all it ain’t any slimmer. Secondly it certainly ain’t as sexy as your current Xbox 360 and thirdly …well… just look at it! It looks really angular, I would question whether or not you could lay it down if it were angled like that – and let’s be clear at this stage: The current Xbox 360 disk drive breaks/laser burns your disk if the smallest vibration hits the machine while it is standing up, would I trust this new Xbox 360 with my games? Not a fucking chance!

“The biggest and most awesome addition is the inclusion of built in wi-fi according to the ad. Then again I don’t read Italian so…”

It comes equipped with a 250GB harddrive, again we don’t know if this means if that is locked in. The picture makes the machine look very flat at the top, as apposed to the curvyness of the removable hard drive currently in place which leads me to belive that this could be an inbuilt hard-drive to cut costs. The biggest and most awesome addition is the inclusion of built in wi-fi according to the ad. Then again I don’t read Italian so it could in fact be saying,

“Ha you stupid British bastards – the machine does STILL not include wi-fi!”

Then again I doubt it would say that very much… inclusion of wi fi is great. I am sick of tripping over Ethernet cables and it is great to see Microsoft doing a massive 180 on this – £55 for a network adapter is ridicules, glad they saw the light of not completely ripping off their customers.

The reason I think this is a fake however is the colour. See where the horrible PClooking Mod Grill is, well that colour is different to the one at the top of the console. Different shades of black, especially with the bottom colour running up and cutting off part of the Xbox 360 logo? Nah I ain’t buying that… something doesn’t seem right.They both carry a different finish on the paint job and I would be surprised if Microsoft ever actually put that out looking like it does.

If this is real however, it def aint any smaller or slimmer. Take a look at the disk drive and power button. Both have been slightly redesigned, but they dont look any smaller on the machine. Sure we need to see actual machine so we can get an idea of everything to scale… but at this stage in time, it doesn’t look like we are getting the re-designed slim we all desperately want.

“They both carry a different finish on the paint job and I would be surprised if Microsoft ever actually put that out looking like it does.”

Lets assume this is an authentic advert, it looks rather poor and doesn’t really show off anything new or give any indication of why people actually would buy this. So if it is real, I hope to Zeus they have a real model at E3. They NEED to have an actual model at E3 tonight, if they just have screenshots and all that bollocks then I think they really have shot themselves in the foot.

Lets hope this is a hoax though eh! I bet they could make the 360 half the size of they wanted to, imagine it super thin and a bit shorter, would be awesome… still we can dream… we can dream!

More info when it comes in, what do you think? Will you be buying one? or are you disapointed?

Let me know below


-Will have more info as it breaks!

3 Responses to “Rumour: Xbox 360 Redesign First Photo/Information”
  1. Eskimo says:


    Looks to me like that crease in the xbox 360 has been caused by it being shut in a door, or slammed with a toliet lid from an angry owner, not a new slim version.

  2. origamikid says:

    hahaha I hear you on that one man! I honestly do think we will see some form of redesigned or slim Xbox 360 – but I would be very very surprised if it looked like that!

    If anything it is, as mentioned above, false advertising to throw people off of the pre-E3 hype train! We will know soon!

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