Xbox 360 Slim is coming… NOW! Pictures/Release Date/Info/Price!

So as predicted the Xbox 360 Slim/redesign, or whatever you want to call it (I am going for slim because it is less letters!) has been unveiled at E3 and well… It isn’t as drastic as when the Ps3 slimmed down…nor does it look half as good but still it is here!

So we are looking at a machine that is “10-20% smaller” and apparently as “quiet as a whisper” which I wont belive until I hear it (or don’t for that matter) myself!

“Available to buy in store at the end of the week, they are shipping in the states right NOW!”

It is shipping with a 250GB hard-drive, which IS removable. They didn’t show you during the main conference but there is a flap that slides open on one of the ends revealing a removable hard drive. Microsoft seem to have ditched the classic Xbox 360 hard drive in favour of a smaller, generic external hard drive looking device. I wonder how you will be able to move your data from one xbox to another? Hopefully it will come bundled with the cable…not like the ultimate fail that occurred when people wanted to upgrade to Elites when they were released in 08.

Thankfully they have listened to the consumers, Wi-Fi IS built in! Looks to have 5 USB ports, 3 on the back and 2 hidden away on the front. The Xbox Slim now carries a new body, it concaves inwards at the center, creating what looks like a shallow ‘V’ between the bottom edges and center. I am also hearing that the power brick is in-built! WOW! If that is true then it really is fucking awesome!

The price? Exactly the same as the machines that are out now – $300. I assume the 250 HD makes this a super elite in the UK? Which would mean the machine is going to cost £200! It would be glorious if GAME offer some form of upgrade deal, I would love one of these new Xbox’s, mainly for the Wi-fi and promises of a more reliable machine, but then again £200 is alot of money!

No word on whether that is the same for the UK- but rumour has it, it will be avaliable on the 16th July. So just over a month away!

When can you get your hands on one? This week… if you live in the states! One of the industry best kept secrets without a doubt! Avaliable to buy in store at the end of the week, they are shipping in the states right now. For the UK- it will be available on the 16th July. So just over a month away!

So what do we think? I really want one, my Hard drive is almost full and I know I could do with a bigger size and the wi-fi is going to be a huge help in my new house… not so certain on the body redesign, although it being slightly smaller is awesome.

(Saying that though I have a massive Faceplate collection somewhere…i guess they are COMPLETLY useless now, may as well flog em on ebay while they still fetch money!)

Anyway, leave some comments/impressions and thoughts below!


Josh/Origami kid

UPDATE: Just found the specifications and it seems to have some interesting new features, whats this all about?

  • Touch sensitive buttons: Turn on the Xbox 360 video game system on/off and eject a disk with the swipe of a finger.

They didn’t mention this … this sounds very awesome! Here is the full list, credit to KOTAKU for finding the image!

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