“Where has the blog been?”

Someone asked me the other day where my blog posts have been – Well I have a couple of reasons (excuses) to explain this:

It has been a rather busy couple of weeks, first of all I jetted off to Spain (fucking spanyards) for a delightful week away in the sun, which was rather nice. Then I came back, enjoyed reporting on E3 for about a day before I then floated across seas to France (Bloody Frenchies you god fearing, sun loving savages) for a fucking banging weekend of Heavy Metal at Hellfest where I, no joke, managed to stay very drunk from Wednesday night-through till Sunday night – Hellfest is the greatest festival in the world, hosted by some of the greatest, best atmosphere ever!

“Behemoth are posy fucks who sound about as good as me taking a shit into another mans mouth before then asking him to practice his vocal scales.”

Well now I am back and … preparing to move house. I move out in a few days and my room looks like a shit hole and I still have no boxes – FAIL. After that I am running off to live in London for 3 weeks, I have 2 weeks of work experience at the lovely Terrorizer magazine, I shall be bringing my hatred of Black metal to their doorstep where I am sure they will promptly kick me out after I o so rightfully declare that Behemoth are posy fucks who sound about as good as me taking a shit into another mans mouth before then asking him to practice his vocal scales.

So where does that leave us, dear reader? Well while all these time eating excuses, oh I have been editing interviews for this bloody fanzine as well – AND trying to work out whether I can use the name I want to use, … where was I? Oh right- All of these time eating excuses may sound like they are the real reason, well they ain’t! The real reason is I am changing my writing style, or atleast attempting to adapt it into the way I have always wanted to write. As it stands I am not sure I can convey it over to music just yet, and if I am honest I enjoy the way I write about music, however for movies, video games and other such things I wish to adapt a more fluid and naturalistic tone in my work.

I recently re-discovered a writer who influenced me alot in my younger years, one whos work inspires my writing a lot even though it doesn’t tend to show as much as it used to – and secondly a style of writing that seems to have been lost within the last year of being at university – not certain why though! My writing for the most part has been good while at Southampton Solent uni, however I feel like I have lost a part of myself – and trying to reclaim it is proving quite tough.

Old habits die hard, hopefully they will die faster once my brain kicks into action.

Speaking of kicking into action – Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project up on the XBLA as I type, it is fucking awesome! “Go get some!”

Look for this adaption of style in any actual writing that creeps up over the next few weeks, I will try to post but I honestly don’t know what internet access I will have while living in new house and London!

As always let me know what you think and keep up the reader feedback, loving it!

Peace homes

-Origami Kid/ Josh West


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