High Voltage Magazine First Announcement

It has been a long time coming, I know – for that reason I apologise. However I am back with this announcement. A new name. Different bands and a projection that sees this dream realised 100% before the end of 2010, more likely hitting by September (money permitting).

So what’s new?

The name is probably the biggest change: High Voltage Magazine is replacing Fistful of Metal Magazine. I am not really sure why, but for some reason the Fistful of Metal name just wasn’t sitting with me – on top of that I want this magazine to be dedicated to all things thrash, as well as the new wave of Heavy Metal music that has finally started to shine and bring about some exciting bands over the last 12 months. High Voltage of course plays off of the AC/DC song, so in the future don’t be surprised to see a little rock creep in; and by rock I mean things in the style of The Answer, Black Spiders, Gentlemen’s Pistols, The Sword – to be honest if it has a rocking sound, and a riff you can bang your head and/or pump your fist too then it probably will be found here… for now it is all things thrash and NWOBHM style stuff, because quite frankly I know it and you know it, there is nothing in the UK that caters for us or our music, and it’s disgusting, especially when you consider how healthy the underground and unsigned sectors are when compared with other more “popular” forms of metal.

So what else do you need to know?

Well format is staying the same, 60 page black and white A5. It is going to have atleast 10 interviews (most of which are done), a feature and some other cool – as yet unannounced – stuff. Keep your eyes posted!

A website is forthcoming, domain is almost sorted – design is on paper, webhosting/space is already mine … just looking for someone to build the thing in Dreamweaver…I could do it myself but god damn it I hate Dreamweaver.

I will begin revealing bands, artists, extras, pricing, more information and all that jazz over the coming weeks – but for now I thank you for reading and showing your support for me and the magazine. The hope is that it will grow into something awesome. Just because no one else is catering for us and our music, doesn’t mean we can’t try ourselves.

I obviously need your support, because when this finally does come out if you don’t buy it then you can only blame yourselves. You know when people say, “If you don’t vote then you can’t complain about the country”, well that is of course bollocks – but when people say, “man I hate that there are no new thrash bands” or “I hate the fact that bands don’t get the attention they deserve” well if you don’t buy this then you only have yourselves to blame.

“Just give me High Voltage- ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!”

Cheers guys, appreciate any support you can give – I will be doing some research into what you all want from a magazine and stuff like that very soon, so if you can make sure you help out by leaving suggestions, comments and feedback (as well as filling out some surveys) then I would be very grateful! Besides, it will make a better product for you all to read!

-Josh “Origami Kid” West

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