Director: Christopher Nolan
Release date uk: 16/7/2010

I have always thought, since I was old enough to understand the concept of dreaming, that dream itself was like a tapestry. An eloquent piece of art weaving together inside of our minds. We do not ever know what we are weaving – we don’t really care. All we know is that the journey we are going on is one we cannot often understand, nor one we can affect the outcome of… but it is a journey we must take if we ever wish to see the outcome of our subconscious art. If we do not wish to see the ending, if we don’t wish to look into the dark recesses of our mind, then we can simply… wake.

Inception is a dream I would forever like to be inside of, one I would not wish to wake from. From the outset to the very last frame, the movie was nothing but a work of art – a majestic tapestry of ideas, emotions and grand thoughts all weaving together to produce a stunning, mind provoking film that shows cinematography at it’s very best.

The plot threads, no matter how deep and intricate they became. No matter the twists and turns the threads led you on to follow, in the end it all became woven together into a single tapestry; a single emotion. A single feeling that will leave you as breathless as it will invigorated. It was nothing more, and nothing less than an exploration of your own mind. How much are you willing to perceive, how much are you willing to allow yourself to think is real and what is just conjuncture – this is Inception’s ultimate strength, it completely allows you to fall down the rabbit hole until you yourself think that you should fall no more.

At it’s best it was gut wrenching, a painful reminder of the nature of dreaming, of the desires it infects and spreads into our reality. At it’s worst it still easily instilled ideas beyond comprehension – you can do anything in a dream, but can you truly live.

Effortlessly wonderful. An incredible movie, highlighting both the fragility and unknown power of the mind. Intellectual on every level – a perfectly paced spiral through sanity, as complex as it was brilliant. An achievement for cinema, for all those involved and empowering for the viewer. Film of the decade?

-Josh West

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