I hope you have a sick bag near by otherwise you will be rather promptly covering your floor in confusion and hate induced vomit.

Microsoft’s KINECT, the product they are using to round up the casual gamers into the Xbox 360 pen, is going to cost $150 they today confirmed.

The price for the UK was also confirmed, £130 will bag you the tech when it launches over here in October/November.

So $150/£130 will bag you Kinect and also a copy of Kinect Adventures… the game that press are reporting is very laggy and well …anyone with atleast one eye can see is nothing more then a rip off of Sony’s Eye Toy from oh… I dunno, 8+ years ago. Did you see that I didn’t mention it was ripping off the Wii? That’s because regardless of what people are thinking, yes this does look actually like a glorified Eye Toy… only it looks like it plays worse.

“looks [set] to have the fun, depth and/or replayability value of attemping to give a dead guy a blowjob!”

But fuck it- speaking of the Nintendo Wii, you can buy one in the USA with Wii Sports, Wii Sports resorts and proberbly a whole host of other games and crap thrown in for $200. So what do you want this christmas? An interesting piece of hardware backed up by lackluster games that look to have the fun, depth and/or replayability value of attemping to give a dead guy a blowjob? OR would you rather the Nintendo Wii, a console with an extensive back catalouge of games as well as the strongest line up for christmas and leading into next year it has had since it launched? Hmmm let me think about that while I slowly digest my own intestinal organs.

“Microsoft are you fucking idiots”

My closing statement is this: Microsoft are you fucking idiots? OR just playing stupid, because …wow, just wow. Way to overprice. Announce some good games, not just “hardcore” games… but GAMES. Just GAMES actual GAMES for your GAMES CONSOLE that are playable. Not just extended tech demos.

Are you off your fucking rocker?

-Josh “Origami Kid”

  1. timbosarus says:

    ON both Amazon and Play it says that the Kinect will be £130. My fucking god what is wrong with Microsoft, for that price I can buy a Wii and about 3 games which I will enjoy a lot more then just having a silly camera with nothing else. Oh they announced a bundle which is the Kinect an empty 360 with no hard drive and Kinect adventures, oh and you get a 4gb memory card which can story fuck all.

    As you can see in this picture they are trying to compare it to the prices of the ps3 and Wii. I cannot see their logic trying to compare it to the Wii because they are going to loose, wait what’s this it costs $360 to buy a Wii FUCK OFF. Since when does the Wii need the balance board to play most of their games, I could probably count the number of Wii games which require the sole usage of the balance board on one hand.

    Comparing the pricing to the PS3 is quite easy because the PS3 will always be a little more expensive because you get a hell of a lot more for your money. In the picture you can see that its a PS3, 2 nun chucks, 2 move controllers and sports champions for $510 which at first i think yeah that is a lot more expensive then the 360. Then I take into consideration what you actually get, a hard drive for one which will probably be the 250GB because Microsoft would have found the most expensive ps3 to compare it to and knowing Microsoft if you wanted to but a 250gb hard drive for the new 360 it would probably put you back $150. But the main reason I think that the PS3 would be better to buy is because you can play real games with the move, games like heavy rain, Socom 4, Little Big Planet 2 games which don’t require the move to play but are a fun little accessory. While on the 360 side you can only play most of their games with the Kinect. Such as Kinectimals, dance central and Kinect Adventures.

    I think I’ve gone on a little too long but all i have to say is i know Microsoft will be successful because they cater to idiots and idiots will always buy what looks cheap but in the long run is a shit deal so well done Microsoft you have won because idiots will always be.

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