Judge Dredd Finally Been Cast?

Has Judge Dredd finally been cast? Well it looks that way! With Sly Stallone no where in sight, this new adaption of the fucking badass UK comic book is right around the corner and it looks like we finally have our Judge, Jury and Executioner.

Karl Urban is apparently set to take the badge, lawbringer and helmet to Megacity in early 2012. You may recognise Karl Urban from Star Trek, where he did a bloody awesome job of portraying Bones McCoy in last summers blockbuster.

He certainly has the chin/jaw structure for it, which he is going to need as reportedly Judge will keep his helmet ON throughout the movie, <wipes tear away> mann  as much as I love Sly’s version, it is for all the wrong reasons- this could actually be good and faithful!

The Director is still apparently Pete Travis, with Alex Garland (Sunshine) apparenty scribing the flick.

Stay tuned for any news as it drops!


2 Responses to “Judge Dredd Finally Been Cast?”
  1. mberninger says:

    I liked the Sly version a lot and will probably see this new version when it is released. Good information.

  2. origamikid says:

    Cheers man,

    Yeah I loved the Sly version as well man – I blame the script more then anything. The story wasn’t great, the should have just adapted the Block Wars or Apocalypse Wars story… anything with Judge Death… the whole thing with the clones and all that bollocks just didn’t work.

    I would happily have Stallone back, but maybe get a better direct/write it. Sunshine is alright, so I am sure this will turn out well. Not too much CGI and either a simpler story or one right from the Judge Dredd comics, say anything from Case Files 4-6

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