World War Z Adaption Gets A Little Bit Bigger

What a way to jump start some real promotion for your movie. Max Brooks today confirmed that none other than Brad Pitt would be starring in the adaption of the awesome zombie book ‘World War Z’.

The movie is finally on track for a 2012 release date, while we know little about the adaption – with big names getting attached and the source material being so fucking awesome, we can (and should) only expect great things.

The book of course follows many different zombie survivors throughout history, each telling their own tale and story on what they encountered. Whether this means that they are going to stick to a couple of the stories set in the states and tie them all together with Brad Pitt being involved in all them, well it remains to be seen.

My money is on him being a time traveling journalist. They wouldn’t hire a big name just to be in one little segment, so maybe he time travels interviewing the survivors… taking a narrative role, until the end when he ends up being over run by zombies himself! Now that would be a badass movie!

Today the news also came revealing that Paramount has also optioned the rights  for The Zombie Survival Guide… another great book by Max Brooks. Heres hoping they do make it and that they just get the cast and director of Zombieland on the case.


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