MARK RUFFALO Cast As Hulk For AVENGERS Movie Ahead Of Marvels Movie Panels

Just a little update that has slipped out over the last few hours – It seems he has been doing some late night deal making with Marvel and is looking ready to strut out onto the Marvel movie panel later today, fully knowing that he will be playing Bruce Banner in the up-coming 2012 Avengers movie.

Sure the rumours of this were flying around from almost the moment Ed Nortan (sadly) got dumped on the side of the street, but it’s quite nice to have this confirmed.

This does of course go nicely with Joss Whedon actually confirming that he is the Avengers Director, as well as the news that he has self confirmed Jeremy Renner as the man donning the purple tights as Hawkeye. The fact that Whedon is going so confirm heavy this weekend may also mean the claim that we could see Nathan Fillion as ANT-MAN could have some legs to it… although his claim that he will kill of Iron Man in a opening credits sequence… well I doubt that has much truth behind it….

Good or Bad? I would rather see Nortan as Bruce Banner, Fillion as Hawkeye but hey, I guess we are actually getting the Avengers movie- let’s just hope its popular enough and awesome enough so Marvel buy all the rights back, and we get a 3 part Civil War movie. You know it fucking makes sense!


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