Nathan Fillion (semi)confirmed as ANT-MAN in AVENGERS flick?

Has Joss Whedon just confirmed his long time friend and regular re-appearance actor Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man in the Avengers movie due in 2012?

At his panel today at SDCC, Joss apparently dropped the name down although as it stands it is unclear as to whether he was joking, confirming or just edging marvel into letting him cast Fillion… then again, Marvel don’t really need much convincing, he is one hell of a good actor and could quite easily pull off the smart/clumsy/goofyness of Hank Pym.

The only thing I would say that confilcts this is that recently the rights for Ant-Man movie were held, and the movie is still apparently on its way. Although saying that the “Ant-Man” movie is supposedly following the post-Hank Pym era Ant Man… so who knows…

Do you think Nathan Fillion should be getting some Pym Particles in him? Hells fucking yes I do… as long as they don’t make him some psycho wife beater, don’t know if I would like to see him go to town on the wasp.

More on this as it breaks. I personally would rather see Nathan as Hawkeye.


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