… and it looks fucking badass!

That’s right folks, last night at SDCC The Walking Dead was shown off for the first time, the trailer below is the one shown off to audience… it also apparently “cut” for a family centric convention. Well if this is family safe then I can’t bloody wait to see the full version.

Thank god AMC are running with it, looks like they have another award winning show in their hands. The characters look great, the shots (from what we can see anyway… I’m working on trying to find a trailer that isn’t off screen) look gritty and raw. This is exactly what any fan could want from an adaption of TWD.

The gore and violence looks ramped up, and just wow. Watch the trailer. Cry with happiness. Then watch it again. That’s what I have been doing for the last hour or so, when this hits in October – you best be watching it!

I am in the process of writing up a big preview with all the info that has been leaked/spoken about/etc so far, so keep your eyes open, I might wait either to put that on the blog when the actual hi-res trailer is up OR maybe stick it in the new digital magazine that’s on the way…

Wait what?

-Josh “Dredd” West


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