HULK Comics Getting Back On Track?

First thing you need to know? Leob is out.

Yes you can cheer. Hopefully the news will quickly follow the Ultimate comics, New Ultimates, ultimate, ultimate’s ultimate 2 has been cancelled as well… but as it stands Jeff Leob (the once comic book writer mastermind responsible for some of the best Batman stories of all time, but has recently descended into series ruining bastard) is stepping down from HULK as of August.

That’s right – as of Hulk #25 their will be a new creative team, as Leob wraps up his Red Hulk arc with Hulk #24. It will apparently be finding a “definite end” according to the man himself, with Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman taking control of the series from September onwards.

They were of course responsible for Agents of Atlas, so they know how to handle the overblown stories that quickly turn shit… let’s hope they can put some form of restraint on the story for their first arc and not have it turn into ridicules foolishness like the majority of Leob’s run on the series.

Apparently Red Hulk will be on a redemptive quest. Of course not going at it alone, he will be teaming with Thor, Iron Man and Namor for the ride. This will last 5 issues (#25-30).

Loeb and McGuinness fans don’t cry (I guess you must be out there somewhere) as they are planning on doing a small contained mini series called “Avengers Three” in 2011. It will feature Captain America, Iron Man and Thor and the teaser art seems to focus on big Thor bad guys from the past, so expect plenty Norse goodness.

OH! And just to ruin your day of awesome news, apparently RED HULK is joining Bendis and John Romita Jr’s AVENGERS team. Guess what Avengers book I am stopping reading after the first arc. I actually feel physically sick just thinking about how badly JRJr will draw Red Hulks hulked out face, and the team dynamics in that book are fucked up enough as they are… no need to introduce Red Hulk… the most generic story/ plot division Bendis could possibly hope to introduce.


Well hopefully all you Hulk fans (but all you Leob haters) will find solace in the fact that Marvel gave him a new job with the company meaning he isn’t writing anymore… let’s just hope he gets away from the ultimates universe quickly before he (somehow) does even more damage.

-Josh Dredd


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