More Still To Come From The PUNISHER Movie Franchise?

Marvel today spoke a little regarding the future of The Punisher, surprisingly they aren’t leaving him 6ft under, they are looking at resurrecting him (again).

After the train wreck that was 2008’s Punisher:War Zone as well as the other two Punisher movies that…well were ok and alright, I would have thought they would have just left it and focused on the other numerous franchises they hope to kick start, this isn’t the case. Speaking in an interview at SDCC this weekend Kevin Feige spoke about how we haven’t seen the last of live action Frank Castle… we can only hope this means they are optioning the series out for TV. After seeing how great a job AMC are doing with Walking Dead, I think Punisher would convert well to a gritty tv series.

The more interested bit of information that leaked out was when Feige spoke on the subject of character crossovers,

“They’ve done it in the comics occasionally so you never know. We’d like to do an alliance between other Marvel characters behind other doors.” He added, “We’ll see. It’s always a pleasant surprise when it happens but there’s lots of legal, contractual red tape. They will be few and far between.”

What does this mean? Well this too me sounds off that Marvel know Punisher works best when he immerses himself deep in the Marvel U. When does he work best however? When he teams up with Daredevil! Sure this is all guess work right now, but Marvel have expressed in the past their desire to do a proper Daredevil movie, and the studio who currently hold the rights want to do another Daredevil movie… just think about how incredible an adaption of ‘Devil in Cell Block D’ would be! Punisher and Daredevil in a movie would be incredible – sort it out Marvel!


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