Do We Have Our AVENGERS Villain?

Some big news has emerged out of SDCC regarding the potential AVENGERS villain. So far Whedon has been tight lipped so far on who will have the strength to take on Earths mightiest Hero’s, and for a while we have thought they would either use the HULK to re-create the ULTIMATES story or just have them going up against an evil terrorist cell like HYDRA etc, but let’s be honest – that’s kinda lame.

Now here is something that would not only be fucking cool and badass – but would be a giant bloody spectacle as well. The INFINITY GAUNTLET is being introduced to the Marvel U in next years Thor movie we have all discovered after the prop was seen at the Thor both on the final day in San Diego.

The first thing to take in is how bloody awesome this looks to the original… the prop has been recreated in too much glory to just be a little easter egg. The second thing to take in is look closely at that photo, look at the guys face on the right reflected in the glass… he looks super happy… and he should be!

What does this mean exactly? Well in comics the Infinity Gauntlet is one of the most powerful items in the Marvel Universe. When the glove carries all 6 gems it gifts the wearer the ability to control …well pretty much anything. It basically grants ultimate and universal power – so that is power over all. While that would obviously pose enough of a threat to the Earths Mightiest hero’s as it is, the guy that wears the glove in the comics is the most promising thing here.

THANOS, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, is the guy that wields the glove… could we be looking at seeing Thanos and some incredible spectacle of cosmic goodness coming into play here? We can only hope so! With GREEN LANTERN coming out from DC, Marvel really needed to find a way to get out into space for some awe inspiring battles and introducing the cosmic elements to their world would definitely supply not only a real threat for our characters but create something…simply breathtaking.

The glove is tied to the power of the Cosmic Cube, the weapon being used in the Captain America movie by the Red Skull, so it wouldn’t be difficult for them to tie it all up if they wanted to… the only downside to this whole thing is that Marvel don’t have the rights to Fantastic Four OR Silver Surfer, which sadly means the people who would usually be called to help out with cosmic disturbances …well, they can’t help out. Maybe we will get Hank Pym instead?

Anyway, exciting times – Enjoy the photo and start imagining how incredible THANOS would be as a villain.. remember it’s all conjuncture, for now.


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