Post AVENGERS Movies Hinted At – Sounds Cosmic

Marvel have oh so briefly hinted at their plans after Avengers wraps up in 2012, a move that I am certain many fans with find a lot of joy in.

Kevin Feige speaking at a roundtable,

“What happens after is what’s being discussed now. Obviously, you’ve heard about Doctor Strange. I’ve been a vocal fan of Strange for a long time. Black Panther, I think, I mentioned recently. Fraction and Brubaker’s reinvention of Iron Fist has gotten me excited to do some version of that in our world.”

Ummm hells yes! Doctor Strange, if they went mental with it, would be awesome. If they really went cosmic, dragging all the crazy, random and wonderful villains, phrases, words and other spiritual bullshit that they all shout out while casting spells onto the big screen then I can already imagine the big massive smile that will be plastered across my face.

Iron Fist would also be of interest, seeing as Marvel can’t/won’t get the rights back for Daredevil a gritty street level character would be fucking incredible. Who knows, maybe we could even be lucky enough to get a hero’s for hire type thing and drag Luke “Powerman” Cage into the whole thing…it’s good to dream!

“In the discussions of ‘How do we do more with more of our characters?’ and characters that may not fit in giant Ken Branagh-sized films, but who we’d love to bring to life somehow.”

This makes me remember back just a few months where Marvel were speaking about doing live action shorts… remember that? well maybe this is the clearest indication that some sort of hour long badass grindhouse style thing is coming. Imagine that – 1 hour of DR STRANGE and then 1 hour of Iron Fist … god that would be sweet,

Make it happen Marvel.


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