You know what, this whole MGM going into bankrupsy thing isn’t so bad. Firstly they are in the shit so much that they have to stop development of the as-of-now unnamed and unannounced Bond 23, which after the massive steaming shit that was both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, isn’t really such a bad thing.

Now comes another wonderful bit of news however; due to somebody using too much explosives on the vault door, over 3.7 billion dollars has been lost by MGM so far and they have had to cut some losses. Director or The Wrestler and would be director of the reboot Darren Aronofsky has walked away from the project.

With him leaving the project and OCP…I mean MGM unable to woo other directors or investors, they have had to cancel it completely! What a wonderful day for everyone. We all knew that it would have ended up being a shitty 12A shooter with none of the soul, character or quotes that the original had.

Thank fucking god MGM have fucked up big time! Now lets just hope they sell THE HOBBIT before that runs into any more problems.


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