PENCILS: Tony Moore
COVER BY: Simone Bianchi

Size: 32 Pages

Price: $2.99

This battle of revenge seems to be the final swansong for Franken-Castle if next months solicits are to be believed. So as the potentially final story for Remender’s provocative Punisher series draws to a close we see Frank fighting for his reputation and pride against what is surly his arch nemesis at this juncture; Daken.

Now Sentry is gone I am trying to consider if Daken is the most hated Marvel Universe character. His character has about as much depth as a puddle in the desert and on top of that regardless of what’s going on he still manages to come across as a gigantic douche.

Thank the gods then that we finally get to see him kicked to the very edge of his pathetic life. Have you been desperate to see Frank to get some revenge after the shocking conclusion to Punisher: The List all those months ago? Well this mini-crossover between Dark Wolverine and Franken-Castle is your last and only chance.

Say what you will about Remender but the man writes one hell of a Punisher! The dialogue between the two during the fight is both witty and awkward. As each of the cocky warriors tries to out do each other and get the last word in it’s cringe worthy, it’ll bring a smile to your face and most importantly – as has been the case since Franken-Castle debuted… well it’s fun!

Daken taking a beating is only made oh so much better by another great turn in from Tony Moore, his art really captures the essence of the fight. His detailed pencil style of drawing is still a wonderful treat for the eyes, only made so much better by Dan Brown’s colouring – bright, vibrant but still capturing the gloomy essence of the story. His colouring along with Moore’s art brings a speed and intensity to the story that was missing from last weeks first chapter in the saga as the Dark Wolverine team struggled to do justice to characters.

Talking of justice how is it fair that this great series is seemingly being cancelled as of issue #21? Remender has over the last year and a half written one of my favourite incarnations of The Punisher – with Frank only just getting started on his list of revenge, which has list seemingly been cut short by the folks at Marvel well… if the twist on the last page of this book is anything to go by this looks to be one hell of a closing chapter to the wildly entertaining but controversial book.

-Josh “Dredd” West

Origami Kid

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