WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Mike Deodato
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Size: 32 Pages

Price: $3.99

You know there is a problem when you look at a weekly solicit and instead of joy entering your heart, will it fills with fear. Since issue #1 I have feared the release of each month and why? No it’s not because I have some weird dream where Nova flies out of the book and kicks my ass… . No it’s fear of disappointment, after the somewhat lacklustre start to the series I have continued buying it in the hope that Brubaker (one of my favourite Marvel writers) will throw in some Captain America, Sleeper brilliance… just a glimmer is all I need, just so I know it’s brewing in the background. Instead we once again get a messy book, with characters struggling to find a voice or place on a team that has hardly justified it’s place in the Marvel Universe.

It just seems to be rushing forward without cause. Before the team is even set up or any kind of dynamic or relationship between characters is set up we have been thrust to Mars with a rag-tag bunch and then been left to watch as they dysfunctionally fall apart while Steve sits helplessly on the sidelines. The situation they are in seems like it has come to soon, especially when a lot of the characters either haven’t had treatment in the spotlight before or for a long time have been on the fringes of various stories, universes and long forgotten memories. Nova for quite easily the most interesting member of the team, how would a space cop do in these situations and all the elements he could bring is a sure fire way to liven up the tried and tested Avengers stories that Bendis has been feeding us for 10 years.

Well Nova would have been the most interesting if he hadn’t essentially been out of commission since #1… I am now bracing for not an exciting conclusion, but instead a ridicules way of taking down an enemy who is more powerful than anything else on seemingly any planet at this stage in the game. Another major gripe is the way Brubaker is handling some of his other characters. Valkyire is coming off as an Asgardian parody, Beast is seemingly stupid for a man of such supposed intelligence and the way in which he is setting up this major villain twist is ham fisted at best. I really hope he can turn this around, but if he is setting up whom I think he is setting up as the villain … well then considering where and what this person has been doing for the last two years, I sincerely doubt he would have time or energy to be dicking around behind Captain America’s back.

The art redeems the book somewhat; Deodato is producing some stunning work. His levels of detail and pencil work are out of this world (pun intended!) As said before I will see the arc through to the end because Brubaker is essentially a Crime genre writer. I’m expecting a twist very soon and then a very major curveball twist near the end, because…well this is what he does best… I’m holding out hope, but I’m not crossing my fingers just yet.

-Josh “Dredd” West

Origami Kid


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