Tomorrow is brand a new day. A brand new month and the final signal of what is, very quickly approaching, to be our final year of university.

It is with this rather terrifying thought that pushes me to jumping into action as soon as possible, as such here is what I have resolved to do: Get as much done as I fucking can, as soon as fucking possible.

So how do we stand on the various things on the go:

Dissertation/Major Project

I know exactly what I am doing. I have started planning out the research already and as of August I am beginning. The questionnaires and surveys are planned out and just need to go online. I have spoken to a couple of editors for “rival” publications and they are happy to do interviews and on top of that, the content I have chosen to put into my major project is at the very least completely planned out. More so than that however I have already secured interviews with bands/record labels/PR/etc for at least half of the content, as well as laying the ground work for the rest of it.

I read over the details of the major project, 8,000 words worth of articles and a 2,000 word essay doesn’t seem like a lot… so I have also begun to look at commissioning adds and the such like to produce a really stunning stand out peice of work that will look sexual in my portfolio.I guess keep your eyes on this space for information and updates as i go – I know Southampton Solent can stalk you when you write in the name of university… but I kinda want them to know how far ahead I am, mainly because when I asked for material to get started they wouldn’t send it to me or didn’t reply to my emails. Awesome.

High Voltage Magazine

The fanzine is well on it’s way. Interviews are taking place and features are being written. Struggling with the design a little bit, as well as trying to make everything fit and work but the projected release date is the last week of September: A.K.A when my university loan comes through! The information on bands will be released later in the week, this will be the first few UK bands that will be making appearances. I am still looking for review and preview staff so once again if you are interested please contact me at and I will see what I can do!

Negative Zone Media

I am currently having a little play around in dreamweaver, but a template and overhaul for the blog is on the way. Plans for a BULK of movie reviews is coming as well as me getting my act together and finally bringing comic book reviews and previews every week – in fact reviews will be up tonight! I do of course own the domain for Negative Zone, so that will be coming here very soon – as will the template so keep  your eyes open. I will be looking for people to post news and reviews soon for the website so please email me at if you are interested, Video Games, Comics and Movies!

Some tools are being made available soon, so any of you Ipad owners or tablet readers well get ready… cause it looks like I am going mobile!

Freelance Work

Obviously I am sure you all know my Terrorizer internship went very very well. If you want to see some of my work then pick up issue #200, on sale August 12th and you can read my interview with Bonded by Blood, a live review of Devil Sold His Soul and a choice cut with Spellcaster! On top of that I have hopefully been offered some freelance work with another UK music magazine and on top of that I should hopefully be joining the staff of an American comic book website… hopefully that will open up some doors, need to get some comic book related interviews into my portfolio!

Oh yeah and a big UK magazine that you all know and love has potentially offered me a MASSIVE project, involving a revamp of a certain section… if that goes through… well I will be happier than a pig in shit on a hot summers morning. More info on that soon (I hope)

SO you have just read all of this – Not really sure why… because quite frankly this is just for me so I know where I am at, I can look back on this in 30 days and either go; fuck me I achieved alot or… Holy shit what am I going to do now!?

Let’s hope its not the latter – cheers for following me,

What have you been up to then – sound off!

-Josh “Dredd West”

Origami Kid


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