WRITER: Matt Fraction & Allan Heinberg

Size: 40 Pages

Price: $3.99

As a kid I grew up watching the 90’s X-Men cartoon every morning before school, so naturally when I grew old enough to earn some money and seriously start buying comics, Uncanny X-Men was one of my first stops. Sadly however, I never got on with Fraction’s writing style or the way he conveyed the various characters. So over the last few years I have picked up and dropped Uncanny numerous amounts time, Second Coming however had brought me right back again

Seeing the series on such a high and after such a great crossover I thought I would give Uncanny another try – surely the fallout from Second Coming would give Fraction enough scope and newly emerged sub plots to keep the pace and story interesting…  sadly my faith hasn’t really been rewarded as one would hope (pun not intended).

Fraction quickly breezes past the most interesting elements in the fallout. Disappointingly he still struggles to give each character a voice and unique personality. Hope is on a journey of self discovery and her families history is the first destination on the trip. This character development (especially on the first new character in bloody ages) is something Fraction would usually have spent a few issues digging his teeth into, it’s a shame then that it only occupied the book for no longer then a couple of pages…

Still we get an introduction to what Hope’s powers could hold for the future of the X-Men, as well finally a small step forward with the whole Kitty Pryde episode. We are slowly getting there… very very slowly.

I am certain that at some point Fraction will explore the strained relationships between Cyclops and other various members of the X-Teams, for now however we will have to make do with them all seeming like the best of friends again. But hey, not a terrible rebirth for the X series, with some new characters potentially on the way and plenty of sub plots to explore this looks like a strong, if not rather convoluted start to the new era.

Oh and there is a brilliant back up giving a nice introduction to the Young Avengers, Children’s Crusade mini series – better late then never, it provides a wonderful back story to the event for Magneto’s involvement and motivations. To be honest I would recommend buy Uncanny #526 just for the back up!

-Josh “Origami Kid”

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