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When JMS announced that he was rebooting the entire Wonder Woman franchise, giving her a reworked back story, costume and all that kinda stuff in an attempt to try and keep her up in popularity with the other big three of the DC universe (Green Lantern, Superman and Batman of course).

Now I missed #600 and have been out of the Wonder Woman arcs for a long time, mainly because it has been as stale as two-month-old bread… luckily #601 isn’t nearly as bland. JMS said give him three issues before you judge it, something I am more then willing to do – I’m not completely sold yet, however the rebooting of the origin story seems like it has some legs to it and let’s be honest here… that costume is leaps and bounds over the one piece that she has been sporting for generations.

So what does this new origin story mean for fans of Wonder Woman? Well expect a little bit more excitement as we see Diana take the roll of defender in this new age, on top of that this is the perfect jumping on point for any and all new readers. Scared about the massive amount of continuity that usually follows such a big character? No worries, you can jump on and go on the journey with the character and she begins to discover her origin, her power limits and just who she is and what her place in this world is.

This first issue seems to imply that we will be seeing a lot of action in this first arc, without her usual tools or powers I am actually quite excited about the prospect of Wonder Women being turned into something more than just that token women super hero which is always what she ended up being. Now JMS has a chance to infuse some personality, punch and charisma into a character that was quickly slipping away from the hearts and minds of DC fans everywhere – and if anyone is the man to do it, well it’s JMS. Just remember how incredible his Thor reboot and assume he will do the same with this!

-Josh “Dredd” West

Origami Kid


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