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Here are the reviews for the week of 29th July 2010 – If you are from the USA please keep in mind that comics come out on a thursday here in the UK!

As it stands I would be reviewing a massive amount of books each week due to time/money/etc but once I get my job back you will hopefully have atleast more the 6 a week and def more than just your standard Marvel/DC!

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Josh “Dredd” West

Origami Kid


FRANKEN-CASTLE #19 REVIEW – Written by Rick Remender | Art by Tony Moore

This battle of revenge seems to be the final swansong for Franken-Castle if next months solicits are to be believed. So as the potentially final story for Remender’s provocative Punisher series draws to a close we see Frank fighting for his reputation and pride against what is surly his arch nemesis at this juncture; Daken.

Now Sentry is gone I am trying to consider if Daken is the most hated Marvel Universe character. His character has about as much depth as a puddle in the desert and on top of that regardless of what’s going on he still manages to come across as a gigantic douche.

To read the full review click HERE.

SECRET AVENGERS #3 REVIEW – Written by Ed Brubaker | Art by Mike Deodato

You know there is a problem when you look at a weekly solicit and instead of joy entering your heart, will it fills with fear. Since issue #1 I have feared the release of each month and why? No it’s not because I have some weird dream where Nova flies out of the book and kicks my ass… . No it’s fear of disappointment, after the somewhat lacklustre start to the series I have continued buying it in the hope that Brubaker (one of my favourite Marvel writers) will throw in some Captain America, Sleeper brilliance… just a glimmer is all I need, just so I know it’s brewing in the background. Instead we once again get a messy book, with characters struggling to find a voice or place on a team that has hardly justified it’s place in the Marvel Universe.

To read the full review click HERE.

THOR #612 REVIEW- Written by Kieron Gillen | Art by Doug Braithwaite

How you approach a situation like this shows the character of the writer more so then anything. When JMS ran away from the book he helped reinvent because he doesn’t like writing crossover tie-in’s Kieran Gillen was brought in to handle the character. He had a wonderful first arc, trudged through Siege best he could and was then told he was leaving and in his place would be Matt Fraction.

Since then Gillen’s departure has been halted. He had been granted a few extra months on Thor and given time for one last, last minute story arc. Now some writers would have blamed the lack of warning before being asked to stay on and would have pushed Thor and co through a boring post Siege, “ohhh we are so sad we need to grieve” tenure –something I expect Fraction to do as soon as he jumps on the book – but instead he is going out in a blaze of fire. Hellfire to be exact!

To Read The Full Review Click HERE.

UNCANNY X-MEN #526 REVIEW – Written by Matt Fraction (Back up by Allan Heinberg)| Art by Oliver Coipel

As a kid I grew up watching the 90’s X-Men cartoon every morning before school, so naturally when I grew old enough to earn some money and seriously start buying comics, Uncanny X-Men was one of my first stops. Sadly however, I never got on with Fraction’s writing style or the way he conveyed the various characters. So over the last few years I have picked up and dropped Uncanny numerous amounts time, Second Coming however had brought me right back again

Seeing the series on such a high and after such a great crossover I thought I would give Uncanny another try – surely the fallout from Second Coming would give Fraction enough scope and newly emerged sub plots to keep the pace and story interesting…  sadly my faith hasn’t really been rewarded as one would hope (pun not intended).

To Read The Full Review Click HERE


When JMS announced that he was rebooting the entire Wonder Woman franchise, giving her a reworked back story, costume and all that kinda stuff in an attempt to try and keep her up in popularity with the other big three of the DC universe (Green Lantern, Superman and Batman of course).

Now I missed #600 and have been out of the Wonder Woman arcs for a long time, mainly because it has been as stale as two-month-old bread… luckily #601 isn’t nearly as bland. JMS said give him three issues before you judge it, something I am more then willing to do – I’m not completely sold yet, however the rebooting of the origin story seems like it has some legs to it and let’s be honest here… that costume is leaps and bounds over the one piece that she has been sporting for generations.

To Read The Full Review Click HERE

WOLVERINE WEAPON X #15 – Written by Jason Aaron | Art by Ron Garney

For whatever reason it may be, the Marvel U is currently under siege – not from Skrulls, super villains or even mystical beings from the Negative Zone…  no it is under siege by a battery of books messing with the time stream.

I don’t understand how so many books can suddenly decide to start taking on the time stream (Aaron is doing it both with this arc AND his Astonishing Spider-man & Wolverine story for example) but where every writer usually crumbles when dealing with extreme time traveling is tying the story up and unless they have a major ace up their sleeve (Second Coming for example) writers usually find themselves falling into a pitfall of confusion.

It is this pitfall that Aaron jumped AND cleared, only to stumble and trip backwards into at the last second.

To Read The Full Review click HERE

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