Alan Wake: The Signal DLC Review

Special Feature One – Xbox 360

Alan Wake’s first downloadable content comes in the form of The Signal. A short, yet rather enjoyable slice of Remedy’s action thriller that manages to represent all the finest moments of Alan Wake while still driving the intrigue and complexity of the story forward.

Alan Wake was a fine game when it finally arrived earlier in the year but suffered here and there, sadly letting the overall package down. Luckily The Signal manages to keep a tight narrative over the duration of it’s hour ‘nd a half of gameplay, with plenty of scares, thrills and creepy spine-tingling moments along the way.

As we delve deeper into the subconscious of our protagonist we bear witness to a whole new level of crazy. The tense pacing was edge of the seat stuff and Remedy have ramped the difficulty up – so no sitting back, flicking the boost switch on the flashlight on/off at your leisure this time folks.

With collectible Alarm Clocks to find as well as cardboard advertising cut-outs of books that were never to be, which I must say are genuinely funny, there is enough to keep you satisfied through this first special feature… oh and who would want to miss another great performance from everyone’s favourite sidekick eh? The chaps at Remedy know how to write one bloody good script!

Sure it isn’t the longest DLC available for a console game, but considering those who purchased the game first-hand received a code dishing out a free copy of the DLC… well there isn’t really much to complain about! For those of you who have to pay the 560 Microsoft points, is it worth it?

Most definitely.

Whether we will get an Alan Wake 2, well that remains to be seen. So for any of you out-there who loved the narrative; this is the perfect addition to your hard drive. Besides with more DLC on the way, now is the perfect time to dive back into the madness.

-Josh “Dredd” West

Origami Kid


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