and it tastes like a hot searing page of awesomeness! No make that 22 pages of awesomeness!

As I am sure any Marvel fan who isn’t completely devoid of sense of thought knows by now, the numbering and name for a Jason Aaron Wolverine title is changing again, only this time they are giving him the big job – launching in September, Jason Aaron is sending everyone’s favorite named after a weasel anti-hero straight to hell! With his body possessed and still walking the earth it’s bound to be disastrous, what with X-Men just dealing with Second Coming, now they have to deal with a crazed, (pretend) Canadian dude who’s hands go “SKINT” in the night…

…fear not though comic book lovers, I’m sure Aaron knows that old Wolvie using those things once he gets into hell isn’t going to help his cause for getting out, so what exactly is Logan use to get out… and just who exactly is he liaisoning with?

“Claws,” he explained to Marvel.com, “And things that can be stabbed with claws.”

Ah glad we got that one cleared up! Well what about this situation with him roaming around all possessed, it’s not like he is going to cause any problems with his fellow X-Men, especially since they are still pretty pissed about that whole X-Force thing…

“There’s a little throwdown in issue #4, between demonically-possessed Wolverine and Colossus that promises to be a cornucopia of metal-on-metal ultra-violence.” Ah well I am glad we straightened that one out as well, seems to me that this is going in a rather explosive direction for the first arc!

I for one am very excited to see Aaron return to hell himself, his Ghost Rider run is still one of the most enjoyable comics runs I have ever read, so for the man to come out with something like this…well, just give me a second,

“In a way, I guess it’s me wanting to bring some of the flavor of my recent GHOST RIDER work to Wolverine.” Don’t worry if you are worried it is just going to be a rehash of the scenes of hell we saw in the GR series, Aaron promises it is going to be one hell of a sight to see, “I can’t wait for people to see Renato Guedes’ vision of hell, which I think is just jaw-dropping.”

So not convinced that this is going to be some of the finest Wolverine work to hit stands in years? Don’t just take it from me, take it from Aaron himself;

“We’ll see Logan put through the wringer like never before as he’s literally dragged through hell, forced to not only face all the old enemies he’s killed over the years, but to face some of his own darkest secrets as well.” All you long term follows of Aaron fear not, hes got you covered as well: “It’s also an extension of the ideas of faith and hope I’ve been exploring in all my Wolverine work, though just in a very dark way.”

Well this sounds bloody good doesn’t it? Let’s all just sit down for a minute, bask in the gloriousness of the preview art…and just hope Marvel gives this the chance to shine that it truly deserves.


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