As Ultimate Avengers 2 issue #6 wraps up, the maestro of the summer blockbuster action movie microed down to comic book size, Mr Mark Millar, ends another wonderfully entertaining arc which saw both Frank Castle/The Punisher and Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider finally introduced into the Ultimate’s universe…man oh man was it one hell of a conclusion!

The thing I have learnt over the last few years is this; you can never, ever get enough Ghost Rider in your lives. As well as being infinitely cooler then most other characters born in the “religious” corner of the Marvel U, the character brings a masterstroke wherever he goes… the artist always gets to go to town on Ghost Rider, and Leinil Yu has (somehow) really outdone himself.

It’s really good to see Millar evolving his Ultimate Avengers work, the first arc was kinda shallow, but the new characters this time around added a whole new level of depth to the team and by the end of the story tensions are boiling over… some interesting developments are being setup for future stories I’m sure of that much, how and when we will get there I honestly don’t know – but I’m bloody excited to be on the ride.

Millar has a way of compacting all the best elements of a Hollywood blockbuster into just 22 pages, it’s exhilarating to read and there’s nothing better then seeing this book in your pile – It’s a fact that when this creative team is stamped on the front, you’re getting quality other teams  can only dream of.

If you still aren’t in the game then now’s the time to jump in. The team is going through another radical mix up, the next arc introduces Ultimate Blade and Daredevil, as I said before;

It’s going to be one hell of an exciting ride.

-Josh “Origami Kid” West



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