Could we be saying goodbye to Matt Murdock this winter?

As you no doubt will have noticed, Marvel spent all last week releasing tantalising teasers regarding who would take over the Man Without Fear mantle. You may also have noticed that Diggle is pushing Murdock through the wringer in the pages of the Daredevil and Shadowland comics. While we all assumed Matt could emerge a changed man, maybe even a villain … I’m not sure dead ever crossed anyone’s mind.

Take a look at this teaser Marvel released today;

Titled “The End”, apart from being a gorgeous piece of art, shows Daredevil’s; current, old and even original yellow suit burning in flames. A bit of detective work later and it’s easy to see that this could be the big Brian M. Bendis and David Mack farewell Daredevil story they were teasing back in April.

Titled Daredevil: End Of Days, this story was meant to be Daredevil’s final chapter. It was going to be the last and biggest story for the man without fear – and most importantly, it was due to arrive this winter… coinciding ever so slightly with the “November” time frame printed across the teaser.

Even the name of the teaser, “The End” has major significance. In the early 2000’s Marvel published a line of “The End” comics, which showed the possible endings for some it’s various characters. Many of the big characters had been covered, even the Marvel universe was brought to it’s knees by Thanos, but the books took a slightly “What IF? stance, being non-cannon, this book however has promised to be different.

“It goes a little further than most of ‘The End’ stories.” Bendis explained to CBR news back in April. “This is in continuity.”

By making the story in continuity that would put Matt Murdock out of commission, permanently. Sure characters get brought back to life all the time, but the tone conveyed by Bendis seems to indicate that this is literally the end,

“There’s only two ways out of that world. You leave or you let it take you over. That’s what this story is about.”

This Daredevil: End Of Days story is being seen looked upon by Marvel as, “Not only the last Daredevil story, it’s a valentine to all that Daredevil represents in the Marvel Universe.” With an all-star team assembled for the book, work has already begun and with Bendis saying that [at the time current Daredevil writer] Ed Brubaker had been, “Kept in the loop on everything.” Well it’s safe to assume Diggle has been as well and then we are looking at the very real possibility of Shadowland setting up a very big exit for the one of Marvel’s most celebrated heroes.

While this is all speculation at this point in time, the two books quite clearly link up – what better time could the final Daredevil story arrive? Murdock is at his lowest, a borderline villain after murdering his arch-nemesis and has already turned his back on his friends…

Are these the last days for the Daredevil?

  1. dailypop says:

    Great article and thanks for the reminder on End of Days. I think that this will be a death of Murdock’s Daredevil persona rather than the death of Murdock himself. This will leave the way open for the introduction of a new ‘Man Without Fear’ who could be Moon Knight, Black Panther, Gambit or even Nova if you believe the promotional material.

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