You know what rocks, spending lots of money on crap you don’t need. Believe me as I tell this to you, I look upon all my gaming crap with sheer nerd joy, however Treyarch look to have not only topped Infinity Ward’s packages, but left them trailing in the dirt… Night Vision goggles? Treyarch give a casual “Fuck That” to the wind and come at you with this;

Do you take a liking to those editions that come in the tin? Well here we go, the Hardened Edition of Black Ops comes with a limited edition medal, four extra multiplayer co-op maps and an exclusive outfit for either your Avatar or PS Home Avatar (360/Ps3 respectively). That is going to set you back $79.99 . (Not sure on the UK pricing yet, will update as soon as I find out, although it looks like they will be the same price as Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition)

The PRESTIGE EDITION is where you earn the most geek points. This includes everything that the Hardened edition includes, only as an added bonus…get this… it comes with a remote controlled surveillance car that can transmit back both audio AND video to it’s controller! Fuck Night Vision, this is going to rock! It has a range of 200ft, not sure how far that is, but at this point I don’t care! It will set you back £129.99! (or $149.99)

Check the pictures! Looks sweeetttt

Call of Duty: Black Ops is released on 9th November 2010! See you on the battlefield!


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