Size: 40 Pages
Price: $2.99

Andy Diggle has had a troublesome time during his tenure on Daredevil, while it started out fairly strongly he has struggled when trying to tie in all the elements of his Shadowland mini-event… Shadowland hasn’t really gotten off to the ass-kicking start he hoped it would either.

#609 continues to trudge forward, filling out the mostly weak Shadowland story as it goes. In doing so however, Diggle has pulled back the veil on certain story beats that for a time looked to breathe life into the Shadowland event, taking it from being an otherwise forgettable event to an earth shattering moment in Matt Murdock’s history. We all got a little bit excited at the prospect of Murdock going rogue, turning villainous and becoming some kind of street level menace… this issue realistically puts an end to any hope of that. In fact with so many issues of Daredevil left before Shadowland finishes this on-going looks like it’s going to be as interesting as watching someone elses paint dry.

It’s not that it’s a terribly bad issue, but nothing is happening. Since Matt has returned from Japan the book is just exposition. Yes, yes we get the fact you are brooding Matt and yes we get it street level characters  – you all hate having this castle and ninjas in your city… well stop standing around and actually do something about it. Things look like they are finally going to kick off next issue, but whether they really take off and soar like you’d expect from something of this magnitude is looking ever more unlikely.

No complaints about Johnston’s art, I love his pencil lined detailed style and brings as always brings a uniqueness to the book. It’s gritty, dark and menacing and helps bring about the overall tone of the book without loosing the feel and emotion that Daredevil requires (and deserves).

This is looking like a particularly lackluster arc from Diggle, as a standalone story it’s incredibly boring and as a companion to the Shadowland story it only goes to show how much is missing from the event. Diggle is slowly stripping away any interest from the tale and it can only end soon enough.


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