Size: 32 Pages
Price: $2.99

Thank some sort of comic book God (I’m looking at you Gerry Conway) that this atrocity has come to a grinding halt; Dark Wolverine is finally ceasing as of #90 but whoever let Way and Liu loose on writing Wolverine for so long deserves to have Franken-Castle show up at their houses and receive a bullet to each one of their fingers.

Where to start? The art is as good as anyplace; Segovia and Diaz (on pencils) could easily earn themselves both first and second place in the competition of worst art for a comic in 2010 based purely on this. The faces and design of characters, especially Frank Castle and his side-kick/bitch Henry, are just terrible. Considering Dark Wolverine is a book no stranger to action, the fights are terribly choreographed and paced, this reeks of a rush job, I’m surprised it was allowed to go to print. The colourists and inkers are just as guilty, the shadowing is horrendous, and this is quite easily one of the most visually unappealing books on the shelves.

We move onto the writers – almost the architects that toppled this whole Punishment crossover before it started – have returned for chapter 3 to continue their work. Remender did a great job within the pages of Franken-Castle to set up a fun, exciting chapter 2 – leaving a great lead in to this, but somehow they have screwed it up royally.

Both Logan and Frank are written out of character, to the point where all you can do is laugh, otherwise you might end up throwing the book down in anger. The dialogue is static, it reads about as easy as dragging sandpaper across carpet. To be honest the whole thing is a bit embarrassing.

Luckily Remender gets to finish up this story within the pages of his book (with Tony Moore on art no less) in a few weeks, so for Franken-Castle fans forced to pick up Dark Wolverine to read what looks like the penultimate Franken-Castle arc the… well excuse the pun, but… the Way and Liu ‘Punishment’ is finally over.

Josh “origami kid” West


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