Size: 32 Pages

Price: $3.99

I went into this cosmic event with a bit of restraint. My faith in Marvel being able to pull off a battle in the stars was jaded at best, especially after just getting into Green Lantern and seeing how well DC treats the cosmic universe, however as we reach the half way point in this event…well my trust in Marvel has been resurrected- and then some.

Thanos Imperative is everything you could want from an event. It’s tight, well written and not bogged down by supporting books. The writers know that if they want to tell or convey something to you, then they have to pack it all in – and it works. It’s exciting from start to finish; the ideas and concepts that Abnett and Lanning are throwing into the mix are just massive!

The book is twisting and writhing under and over various sub-plots and characters but at no point does it ever feel convoluted. Thanos they have somehow added an untold depth to, it’s always brilliant to see how the minds of these super villains work. It is always implied that they are masters of the universe or clever enough to put the world into peril – but you never get to see the planning behind the plots, just the execution. With this we get to see everything, and with three issues still to go it’s easy to see the writing duo are just getting warmed up.

As the battle switches from between the two frontlines; Thanos combating a universe forgotten death and on the other, a universe fighting those who know no death, it’s non stop thrills… wait did someone say Cosmic Avengers?

The art is great, a massive improvement over the last issue. As tensions are beginning to flare and the battles about to take a giant leap in epicness it’s great to know the artists are up to the challenge.

The curveball thrown at the end is sure to lead into an explosive forth issue, I do hold some issue with the way they set this up as it seems like a desperate move on the writers part to create even more urgency to the book, would one character be so foolish and selfish in a time of pure peril? No I doubt they would.

Still… it makes for damn fine reading.

Josh “origami kid” West

  1. I have never been angry at a comic book character until I read Thanos Imperative #3. The Necropsy is meh and poorly explained, but I am still enjoying this event.

    • origamikid says:

      I think it will get fleshed out a bit in future issues, but my issues came with the last 3 or so… I honestly couldn’t see that character being that foolish in a situation like that – He would doom his whole universe because he doesn’t trust someone? No I don’t buy that.

      The Necropsy is an interesting idea. Essentially they are saying that emotions run higher in the Cancerverse, it’s inhabitants are less willing to give up on each other. When Mar-vell took ill the Avatar of Death itself was so overwhelmed by the universes mass sorrow that it sacrificed itself so he could live. A very “BIG” idea for the writers to attempt, I hope they explore it more!

      • I must have missed that part. That is very interesting wrinkle. After I mulled it over a bit I also came to think Thanos manipulated Drax into “killing” him for reasons to be explained later.

      • origamikid says:

        Yeah good shout – Thanos could have destroyed him easily…maybe if he dies in the cancerverse he gets reborn as their Avatar of Death?

        It’s going to be interesting! Make sure you come back to the blog when #4 comes out and we can see whats going on!

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