News is spreading round the web of a very high budget new animated movie, called TERMINATOR 3000 it is supposedly a 3D movie based on the cast and adventures spinning out of the original film.

While there isn’t a whole lot of information at this point it is understood that the flick, beginning filming in January 2011, will carry a budget of $70 Million (!) and supposedly the film will feature the same characters and story from the original Terminator movie.

After the press release was sent out however Red Bear Entertainment and Hannover House (the guys behind this potentially disastrous movie and the holders of the Animated rights) were hit by a Cease & Desist letter from Pacificor, the Terminator like-ness and movie rights owner.

So while it looks like this could get shut down before it even starts, we are waiting for one party to show the other party the huge amount of money on offer to be made, the question is realistically do we want this?

Two components that would make this a success would rely on the cast. Would they get the iconic voice of Arnie back? Unlikely, sure his politician position expires soon, but he so far has only done small roles for friends – would he come back to the character? Probably not… movies already a disaster! How about Linda Hamilton? Without her Sarah Conner just wouldn’t be the same… couple all of this bad news with the fact they want to make this A PG -13… with toned down violence and all that bollocks…

Well maybe it is in Pacificor best interest to not let them make it after all.


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