Today the wonderful news that Microsoft, following the once again success of the Summer Of Arcade, are going be doing another XBLA promotion just in time for christmas – with another killer line-up of games!

Feeling spoilt yet? You should be, after the awesomeness of the last few weeks (Limbo, Monday Night Combat, Lara Croft, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World AND Shank!) it’s nice to know there are still some wicked games on the horizon.

  • September 29th – Hydrophobia (1200 Microsoft Points)
  • October 6th – Comic Jumper: Adventures of Captain Smiley (1200 Microsoft Points)
  • October 13th – Pinball FX 2 (Tables purchased individually)
  • October 20th – Super Meat Boy (Pricing TBD)
  • Long awaited Hydrophobia is kicking off the promotion – it’s the game that stunned crowds at E3 with it’s stunning water effects and graphics. While the side scrolling love has been incredibly fun for the last weeks, it’s nice to see Developers taking a chance on a 3D game… especially one that exceeded all my expectations on what was possible from the XBLA.

    Comic Jumper is another one I have been looking forward to for many months. With four different comic book styles to battle through, it looks like madness thrown all over my 360… and I love it! Looks genuinely funny and a must buy for any comic book fans!

    Finishing off this feast is the main course: SUPER MEAT BOY! Fuck yes! You play as a dude who has no skin battling, jumping and puzzling his way through a shit-ton of levels against a robot named Dr Fetus. Nuff Said. It’s super tough (any fans of the original flash game will know that) but still -it’s super mental as well!

    Look here (… well not exactly here because we will have a tasty new website up by then!) But look in this general direction for all the latest news and reviews on these titles as it comes!


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