September already. The summers slipped away and now with the third and final year of university in sight the desire to work has become less of a maybe and more of a gotta.

I firstly want to say thankyou to the couple of thousand of you that read my blog in August. It was my most read month in the 8 or 9 month history of the blog… and if you are a regular reader then you have my upmost thanks and gratitude! If you want to see more of anything let me know! (unknown_rebel [at] hotmail.co.uk)

If I have learnt anything this summer about Journalism it’s this; if you put the extra work in and if you put real effort to actively take steps forward, not just sitting on Facebook/Twitter/other social media website/ hoping to one of your gods that you will somehow be granted work, then things will come. You don’t even need a strong grasp on what you’re going after or what you’re doing, just a cocky self imposed can-do attitude and eventually something will come up.

I don’t know how the rest of you are doing in your preparation for your third year, I know I’m pretty good to go for my dissertation. I’m pretty certain I could have started, if not got quite far through if any of my lecturers had replied to my emails. Classic Southampton Solent. On top of that I wanted to change my option as I am worried all the shiz I’m rolling with in my spare time will interfere too much – again classic Southampton Solent.

What’s for September then – Fanzine will be hitting your face like a cheap hooker on a saturday night. Look for plenty on that in the coming weeks!

Also a call to arms for any writers out there- Interested in entertainment writing? I’m talking Video Games, Movies, Comics and TV (Sci-Fi)? If so then some very interesting opportunities could be presenting themselves to you within the next few weeks – email me at unknown_rebel[at]hotmail.co.uk  if you are interested. Will be unpaid to begin with, but reliable and core staff will be repaid in the proper ways … sexual favours are on the cards… just saying.

Apart from that there is lots of various shizzle coming – thanks for your continued reading and keep your eyes posted. The end to 2010 is going to be fucking jam packed, busy and mental… I hope you come with me for the journey.



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