Call of Duty Black Ops from Treyarch studios has to be big. It can’t just be BIG – it has to be fucking mammoth. Luckily they know this, and are giving the multiplayer an overhaul, some new modes and whole new ways to keep players addicted for months to come.

The mode getting me most excited is Wager mode. It’s for the leet of the COD world. Those who like to play competitively, like to kick-ass, like to win but most importantly… also like to have fun.

In this mode players earn COD points, an in game currency, which they use to buy in-game perls/stuff/etc but can also wager this money against other people playing the game. Essentially you wager your cash and if you finish in the top 3 of the free-for all match then you get the cash. Simple right?

Hell no – check these gameplay modes out, they sound fucking king!

One in the Chamber: In the match everyone spawns in with the same pistol, one bullet and three lives. If you kill someone you get to take their bullet… but if you fire and miss you’re left with just melee. Epic one on one knife battles where the chance of any of 6 other players walking round a corner and shooting both of you is a real possibility. Sounds proper tense – can’t wait.

Sticks and Stones: You spawn with a crossbow, ballistic knife (the knives that shoot people) oh and a tomahawk. If you hit a player with the tomahawk you get to  humiliate them and instantly bankrupt the player… watch your back.

Gun Game: A series of progressive weapons in this match. With every kill you get a better weapon, moving up through the weapon tiers (did someone mention mini-guns are now in this game). The first person to progress through all of the weapons wins. But if you get knifed you get sent back one tier, again going to be tense.

Sharp Shooter: All players start with the same randomly selected weapon. You get to use that a selected amount of time until everyone gets switched out to the next weapon. With each and every kill you earn a perk and eventually a scoring multiplier. The alure of running around with a tomoahawk only to get switched into a massive rocket launcher… well it just sounds far too fun!

Halo has always usually had the finger on the pulse of custom matches, but Treyarch have taken it to the next step by implementing them into the matchmaking framework. This has convinced me I need to buy COD:Black Ops day one,

See you on the battlefield.



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