Comics preview for the week of September 9th 2010

Shit Hot:


This is a bumper ASM week in which sees all webheads getting a double dose of spidey goodness. Firstly we have Joe Quesada wrapping up his somewhat controversial revisit to the One More Day fiasco. It’s been an up and down story to say the least, then again coming off the back of the superb Gauntlet and Grim Hunt was never going to be easy – thankfully Mark Waid is here to save the day with the first part of his ORIGIN OF THE SPEICES arc.

It’s a five part series kicking off in ASM #642 which is somehow attempting to trump the last year of stories. While the Gauntlet brought classic Spider-Man villains back into the fold, juiced them up and gave them all a new purpose – it’s Mark Waid who’s bringing them all together.

Sinister Six? Get the fuck outta here – Sinister Dozen? Gettin’ closer but still no cigar. Waid is bringing villains old and new together in a hunt for Norman Osborn’s newly born child, a mix of Goblin and Menace blood –essentially it’s the hottest item to hit the scientific black market in 2010!

It’s up to the wallcrawler to save the kid and this story sees Pete swinging all across New York with Osborns bastard child with an army of dudes all with a penchant for leather on his tail… sounds like one hell of a story!

It’s gonna be a great send-off for the thrice-a-month Brand New Day saga and oh the art aint to bad either! It’s got a classic silver age look about it, check out some of the preview art!




“A great writer once said that we have to die to prove that we’ve lived.” So this is the final issue of Daytripper, the wonderfully touching and mysterious book from DC. It’s hard to believe that for over a year and a half we’ve been dragged into the world of superstar duo GABRIEL BÁ & FÁBIO MOON, every month feeling the death of Brás de Oliva Domingos – every month becoming that little bit more attached to a man we can do nothing to save. The arts beautiful, the writing is wonderful.

“How brave must you be to keep going when you know death is the final outcome?” That’s a question I look forward to answering – issue #9 was the best yet, it’s sure to be a momentous end to an intriguing series.


American Vampire came a little bit outta nowhere. We all expected it to be generic vampire/Twilight cash in, jumping on the shit filled train to fandom– we were all shocked and stunned to discover that it actually rocked! Yes and if you are late to this little party then now is the perfect jumping on point, issue #6 brings about a whole new arc… if your sick of all the vampire pop culture bullshit, but fancy getting your demon of the night fix then this is a fresh and original tale that will make a more then welcome addition to your pull list.


INVADERS NOW #1 (of 5)

This new mini series from Christos Gage and Alex Ross sees the original line up of the Invaders back together! How… why? These are all questions that need answering looking at the cast of this book it looks like we’ll be getting the answers in the most explosive way possible! Steve Rogers, Captain America (bucky), Namor, The original Human Torch and Toro, Spitfire, Union Jack AND the golden age Vision… well hot damn if that isn’t leading towards a book that’s gonna give you a semi then I dunno what will. Oh and Alex Ross’s cover is literally incredible, that should help you on the way… to buying the book that is!


Still playing with the format a little folks so – let me know what you think! Enjoy your comics!


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