Jason Aaron, popular and rising star in the comic book world, has today started his column over at Comic Book Resources.

Jason is responsible for Scalped, Wolverine’s on-going series, (A fucking incredible) Ghost Rider on-going run and plenty more! He’s a writer I respect massively and as such I advice you all go check out this guys column!

Entitled “Where The Hell Am I”, it goes over life as Aaron as well as how he got his first work published and all that jazz.. what you still reading my shitty blog for?

Get your ass over there and tell him I said hi!

It rocks.


  1. dailypop says:

    I haven’t read Scalped (and I should), but Aaron’s Ghost Rider was excellent and Weapon X (with the amazing Ron Garney) was really good. I’ll have to head on over to his column.

    • origamikid says:

      Dude you should totally read Scalped! I think it reads a little better in trades but if you fancy a really kick-ass comic that isn’t your standard superhero affair then this is perfect! It takes the crime/thriller genre and twists it on it’s head!

      • dailypop says:

        Yeah, that’s what I’ve been hearing. I see that you are a fan of Criminal as well, another superb crime fiction comic.

      • origamikid says:

        That column was really rather funny! Hopefully it will be full of knowledge for aspiring writers 😉

        Criminal is great – I really enjoyed the latest arc from Brubaker – but if you want Crime and Brubaker together there is only one winner… SLEEPER.

        A wonderful comic that merges the brilliance and crime/thriller aspects of Criminal with an ounce of superhero. It’s kinda like Incognito and Criminal mixed together but… well predates them both!

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