I will point out at this juncture that we are marching into potential spoiler territory at a very quick pace with this post, so if you’re lagging behind like the fat kid on sports day and still stuck a few trades/issues back – this post probs ain’t for you. If however you are up-to-date and awesome, then get your ass inside for a look at what’s coming for our survivors at landmark issue #80!

You thought the characters were just going to chillax in their new houses and spend the next 70 odd issues sitting round and moaning about how they miss being about to just walk around the forest and fields, well you thought wrong.

No Way Out – as any up-to-date readers know, our survivors are currently in a haven of sorts. An enclosed village, kinda like Woodsbury back from Trade 2, only not ruled by a manic fucked up dictator who kept his zombie daughter chained up in his bedroom, no this was more of a picturesque American village type thing.

Only we all kinda guessed it wouldn’t last- what isn’t clear from the teasers however is whether it’s the Zombies or someone completely loosing it on the inside that’s going to be the kicking off point.

Either way it’s sure to rock. <cough> Did someone mention the prison? No… I must be hearing things. Regardless this, what with the build up happening over the last two trades and recent few issues, we could have a situation even more epic and mental then the prison on our hands…

Here’s hoping!

Keep checking here for more info as it breaks!

UPDATE: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures… is anyone else just a little excited for December?


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