Team ICO are essentially the golden boys and girls of Sony’s empire. Their two other games for Sony have been cult classics. ICO (2001) and Shadow Of The Colossus (2005) – not selling particularly well, but earning them praise from critics and fans alike. In fact I don’t think I have ever heard a bad word uttered about Shadow Of The Colossus!

They essentially have free reign; I can only imagine they were told by Sony to once again create something groundbreaking… magical. They could do that with their eyes closed.

Disappointment was incredible all around the world when their latest title The Last Guardian failed to show up at both E3 and PAX… luckily they are giving fans the perfect winter present, it will be shown at this years Tokyo Game Show (TGS).

What can we expect from TLG being at the show? Well hopefully some footage! A release date would be even better… all we can be certain of is that it will not only be unlike anything else to grace the PS3, but quite possibly unlike anything else to grace a next generation console.

If your not excited yet – then you should be.

Oh by the by, I’ve been hearing a little rumbling regarding the HD remakes of ICO and Shadow Of The Collosus. The lead designer is very interested in the idea, especially after the success of the God Of War re-releases and fans desperate to see the two classics given a new lease of life in the graphics and framerate department (not that it really needs it!) All I’m saying is keep your ears open, it’s unconfirmed rumours about the remakes at this stage… but don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


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