Welcome back to Radio Sonar…

Sup people,

Hope fresher’s week (or stressful run up to my final year of uni week) has been going well… hopefully you’ve had a banging time doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing. Regardless, and if you aren’t too hung over, then tune into at 12pm (that’s lunchtime in the UK) for some returning good times with me, Josh West (a.k.a Origami Kid) and my regular rotating cast for some chatter hitting up video games, movies and comics!

This time we will be talking about this summers biggest video game release, Halo Reach as well as reviewing Spiderman Shattered Dimensions, Sony Move and we have also managed to review Dead Rising 2 (a perk of being a freelance journalist)!

On the movie front we will be covering our personal favourites from this summer, this is also your chance to let us know what your personal favourites are – so let us know! – that’s the place to email in if you fancy a shout out, or would like to contribute to the on-going discussion.  We are a chat show, what’s a chat show without anything to talk about eh?

As usual if you have discussion topics let us know and we will squeeze them in if we can!

Cheers for reading and as always cheers for listening, especially to those of you from Japan and the USA! Remember to stop by 12 till 1:30, send any questions, comments and feedback to or contact us directly at

You know what, I’m a nice chap – you can always email me at


Speak to you all tomorrow!

-Josh West


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