As you may have already heard, there is a new Sonic game on the way. It’s all 2D baby, created by the guys responsible for the wicked Sonic Rush games on the DS, this is a game for any Sonic fans who have been moaning for the last 15 years about the lack of good sonic games… you know who you are.

Well time to shut up and stand up, get your microsoft points ready, Sonic 4: Episode One is coming October 13th!

This comes from Dominic Carey, he’s responsible for the games UK PR, he tweeted this earlier today,

“ZOMG! Sonic 4: Episode 1 dates for October 13th on Xbox LIVE. Bring it on Robotnik (*sigh* Eggman),”

As any eagle eyed readers will of course remember, this is part way through Microsoft’s up coming GAME FEAST promotion – Game Feast originally featured Hydrophobia (September 29th) Comic Jumper (October 6), Pinball FX 2 (October 13), and  Super Meat Boy (October 20). It doesn’t take a lot to see that Pinball FX2 was the week one in the batch, so thankfully Game Feast has been saved!

With Sonic Involved in the feast, can this be better then the summer of arcade? (No word on whether it’s being released for PSN/Iphone on this day)


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