Red Dead Redemption was Rockstars bloody ace game from earlier in the year. It featured everything you could ever want from a western – sweet soundtrack, cool hats, horseriding across open plains and some beautiful locations.

One thing it didn’t have however was zombies, a mighty fine oversight by Rockstar. Luckily they are set to remedy this with the UNDEAD NIGHTMARE DLC pack coming later this year.

The DLC pack will be $10 (2100 points I would imagine) and come packed with a single player adventure, some new gameplay mechanics, new weapons, zombie animals, mythical creatures (!), and some new multiplayer modes.

(Anyone else secretly hoping the mythical creature is either a ghost horse or a horse on fire? Yeah me to…)

It looks bloody awesome. Check these screens and just tell me, can you think of anything more terrorizing then a zombie horde forever chasing you across the old desert? Well they could chase you into Mexico I guess…

Check em, keep coming back for any more info as it breaks!


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